Tuesday, July 5, 2011

school holiday ideas

Thought it might be a good idea to share with you some of my ideas to keep my kidlets occupied these school holidays.  My children have 3 weeks off, which is a blessing and I am so thrilled to be enjoying them.  I think it is helping following that rhythm I spoke of yesterday.

There was an earth tremor here earlier in the day, the wind is gusting as I type to you.  My slippers are warming my feet and I have dried most of the washing today.

Here are our ideas for school holidays.

1.  Candle making

2.  Tried and True house cubbies with a sheet or blanket

3.  A lego building day to build as many of the sets we have as possible (with the help of some friends)

4.  Mosaic work - I am going to get some stepping stones (single square pavers) and pick up some tiles.  The children will be able to smash them with a hammer and use glue to adhere.  We will try the kids grouting them, but I may be doing that.

5.  Box construction turned sculpture making.  We are going to get some of this great stuff, and once the children have made their box construction, we will wrap the plaster bandages around the model.  Once dried, they will paint and maybe even seal them to become Garden ornaments!

6.  Woodworking.  We picked up a childrens tool set yesterday at Bunnings, it came with a saw, hammer etc.  Then we collected off cuts of wood from the timber yard.  Master S is ecstatic to have some tinkering time - So is Miss G actually.  The woodworking table I picked up for $5 at a garage sale a few weeks ago is perfect for them!

7.  Miss G is cooking dinner tonight.  Master S is going to continue to master cooking Taco's tomorrow night.   They will even do a spot of baking through the holidays.

8.  A sleep over at Grans and our Besties  (I will be in Korumburra over the weekend if anyone wants to have a cuppa).

9.  Propagate our seeds for the vegie garden and plant our seedlings we bought yesterday.   I have just ordered many varieties of seed from here, they are heirloom varieties and almost half the price of seeds from The Diggers Club.

That's all for now... I will update you with some more ideas as they flow!

What are you up to?  I would love to hear your creative or even non-creative school holiday plans!

Oh and here is my first ever Steiner/Waldorf inspired little lady I have ever made... it's a old fashioned Winterly outfitted Miss G with a snowflake on her apron.  Isn't it cute!

Much Love Rach xx

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  1. oh I love the little Steiner lady.....she is cute as but don't think M would be to that!! So far we have baked, read together, gone into Koorong to select our first grown up Bible, played boardgames, written in our new journal book, gone to tutoring, tomorrow is a home day (apart from footy training)so am thinking of doing some thankyou and grateful ideas......will post on this tomorrow (its Ann Voskamp idea and I just love it!!) Hope you are enjoying this home time, hugs to you, TK xx



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