Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yarning along with Ginny @ Small Things

One of my new favorite blogs is very inspirational with my ways of parenting - I find myself looking forward to each new blog post written by Ginny.  It's  a bit like waiting to open a gift!

Joining in with Yarn Along, here is the finished skirt for Miss H.  I will be able to give it to her on the weekend and hope she may model it all for you to see.  It is ravelled here, however I did alter the pattern, so the skirt is more bell shaped, rather than flared.

My new book arrived in the mail yesterday.  I love learning about teaching, and this is a bit of a new dimension on my studies - together with supporting my Master S.  I don't really know where it is all leading - however it is indeed interesting reading!

I made my boys last night.  Their capes have a cross of Christ - I loved making these and the children just love them too.  So the three little figures are sitting on our nature table, with a silver sugar bowl filled with small pieces of paper.  The children write gratefulness words or prayers and pop them in a little basket on the table.  I love it.  My friend Tiffany over here has begun a gratefulness book with her son, I can't wait to see more on that!

We are enjoying the rainy Wintery day here, Master J is still in him pyjamas.  The cousins visited this morning and we enjoyed home baked spelt rolls with pumpkin soup.

Master S is cooking dinner tonight - so I'd best go and supervise!  I'm looking forward to settling in for the night and knitting another cowl!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. I am a big Charlotte Mason fan! Have you checked out ? The site has a lot of infomation.

  2. My daughter saw your little people and wants to make a set of her own.

  3. What wonderful little figures! Then yarn in that knitting is GREAT! Looks scrumptious!

  4. Oh your figures are just perfect!

  5. Oooh what a cute toadstool! Did you make it yourself? And that yarn looks wonderfully fuzzy =)

  6. Cowls are my favorite thing to knit and wear! Looks like you have so much fun at your house!



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