Wednesday, August 3, 2011

around the house

I can't wait to get back into the swing of things again.  Today was a great day, I've been pottering and tidying, organising and planning.  I am still a revolting sight full of coughs and looking dreary in my trackies and hair washed this morning tied in a bun!

Amidst the dreary-ness  and whining of being struck ill with influenza, today I began clearing up my creative hamlet of our home.  I am aiming to get it redefined and let more light in to the room.  I have to get rid of our old dining table - gone are the days for now of having two families over at once and being able to sit around our lovely big table.  It is even too big for a craft table.  We may just move again in the next year or two - depending on the Mister and his job.  I love my small home, but it is tricky to invite people over for a meal... this is probably the only thing I miss about our old house - a bit of space inside.

So I thought I'd take some happy snaps of what's going on today.  I was delighted to be able to give my squirrel a home!  It makes me smile as I imagine and reminisce of squirrels on my window sill when I lived abroad.

My basket to re-stock the stall is filling, tagged and recorded in the inventory book.

Glorious sun shine for the bigger painting projects.  You should hear all the little birds whistling away - I felt a tad like Cinderella working away with the birds!

My darling Miss G with permission from Master S, picked me our first daffodil - actually is was from Master S's own garden.  A blessed gesture to help me feel better.  And the orchids - aren't they divine!  My friend from University bought me a plant a few years ago, it flowers each winter.

We have been reading some Swedish folk tales.  The children loved the relation to seasons - Winter for us now.  My knitting has not progressed this week, I wonder if I will finish the jumper for Master J before Winter's end?  Do you like my little rabbit?  I have had it since I was a little girl - now these wee creatures are everywhere I look in stores.

Enjoy this beautiful Melbourne sun to all you locals!  Happy days to you - I hope you are feeling fine and dandy!  Check out more yarning along here with Ginny - I love this blog.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. How beautiful is this sunshine!! Love it. So nice to let the girls wander outside and not worry about one crawling through wet puddles. I'm even in a tee and skirt...
    Love the entrance (?) way with the sections and baskets. It must be the sun as I've done a bit of rearranging here too. xo

  2. The weather is gorgeous right now isn't it? Hope you are on the mend. Love your babushka doll display with the birdie on the wall xo

  3. I absolutely love the green yarn you're using for your project (last photo)!!! it's the nicest shade of green I've ever seen!

    we finally have some sun here - as it's been raining for the last month...yay sun! :)

  4. It's been the season for sniffles hasn't it?
    I was gifted a very similar bunny just recently :)


  5. I love working outside when the birds are singing! Happy knitting!

  6. lovely corners of your home. The flowers are beautiful and I love the bird picture

  7. All of your accessories, the bird, the matryuska, the bunny, they're all so sweet!
    Hooray for Spring flowers, too.
    We're deep in Summer in this hemisphere, and Autumn is on its way. I love reading stories from Australia, and seeing the sweet little blooms start again.

  8. Such a beautiful glimpse into your days.

  9. sometimes knitting is meant to stay in the bag! lol. i lived down under for 6 months in tassie. Have friends that live in Sydney still! Miss them :( Hope you get a chance to knit again, I know how it is when all of my projects are put on the shelf for dealing with life instead!


  10. I love the little peek around your home!

    Sorry to hear you're sick - hope you're feeling all better soon. What is the delicious green peeking out of that bag??

  11. So sorry you've been ill. :(

    Your photos of your world are lovely. Daffodils are a long way off for me; it's high summer here!

    All the best to you! Feel better soon!!

  12. I love that green...I'll have to check back in to see what it becomes.



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