Sunday, August 28, 2011


I made this last night.  Mr DCT has finished night shift, now it's time to return to normality for a few days.

I am enjoying mixing up funky vintage fabrics.

Mother guilt got me today.  With the children being sick, they have watched a bit of television and spent time on the ipad.  What is with my mother guilt that goes with that?

Today it did my head in.  Seeing the sun wash going to be shining all day - I dispersed the likelihood of it being another day hibernating with sick kidlets.

If my kids were sick and spending their days drawing and reading books, I wouldn't feel so guilty.

Maybe it was an off day for me - Maxabella chatted about 'scratchy' days today.  Maybe mine was a tad itchy.  Maybe I'm too passive, too gentle.  'Right' - no screens, let's do some construction, drawing, moss artwork.  They just needed me to put my foot down.  

I am missing those kinder days, maybe it is just those sun-shining days.

We all felt better after some creative fun.  Master J made some boats.

Miss G was 'helping' Master S with his smurf drawings.

Master S loves his beanie and reading at the best of times; he decided he wants to be an author today.  (Super Master S is meeting Emily Rodda this week at Fed Square.)

Mr DCT had a tad of post-night shift syndrome.  I was not very patient.  He thought my moss painting is causing him to lose hair.  Maybe it is, oh well.

I enjoyed the kookaburra's today; and watched this one eat a mouse.  After Mr DCT reminded me of my poor chicken husbandry skills (post-night shift syndrome).

If one is needing calm - I have the perfect recipe...  Transplanting moss.  Miss G and I were back to it today.

I think we will leave the rest to grow once we have finished the 'nest' and heart and one of the birds.  I made another mix today and we re-painted with a new improved recipe:

1 Cup of moss (without excess dirt)
1 Cup of fermented, passed it's use-by date Organic yogurt
1 tablespoon of Organic sugar

Do you get mother guilt?  Do you feel like you are not making the chop?
Are you part of The Bunting Swap?  I hope you are.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. I had the all the kids home sick recently for 2 weeks - I had to put the tv on for my sanity!And sometimes it is the only thing that will chill them out.
    But mother guilt is pretty present here too. Still feel the guilt about having my 3rd baby too soon after my second and the effect it had on the family.

  2. yes guilt, yes no chop, yes swap,
    loving the moss, why hair loss?

  3. oh mother guilt......YES ALL THE TIME!!!! I worry that I am not giving M enough of me (whatever 'me' is at the moment, post exams it is rather a tired and wrecked version of me that much I do know!!!) I think I should be doing more, reading with M more, making and baking more....just basically loads of more!!!! BTW - I adore the moss painting - my Shaun would have a fit if I decided to do it I think...maybe on the shed though down in my new garden!!!!! sending sunshine & love, TK xx

  4. If my kids are sick, they either sleep in bed or rest on the couch watching TV. They watch so little through the normal week that I don't worry about it when they're unwell. Last time I was sick I spent two days watching 9 hrs of Anne of Green Gables. It was all I could cope with. So be it.

    Mother Guilt last got me on Mother's Day. The only thing I was doing amongst the list mentioned in church was taking my kids to school. I wasn't cooking, washing, cleaning, etc etc. I don't like mother's day so that all just made it that much worse.

  5. WOW!!!!! That moss painting is the coolest thing I've seen all day!
    I feel bad that things have been tough at yours. We had a day like that yesterday too. But the moss is so super awesome.
    I am waaay too excited to see it finished. x

  6. moss paintings and bunting swaps!! what kind of paradise is this!?

    (and sick kids totally calls for screen time. mother's guilt be gone. it's about the only time i soften my anti tv stance.)

    off to explore around here some more...


  7. I think every good mum has mother's guilt every now and again. Stress less, a bit of tv while sick is ok, nothing to worry about!
    I love your moss painting! How very ace!
    I have loved this whole post! Will be doing some serious reading here tonight me thinks...
    Nice to meet you!
    Rach x

  8. NO, good mums don't all have mother's guilt, i don't & won't EVER!! Put 100% of what you can into it, you have to be happy with that. Guilt is a waste of time, children need to be bored, they need to rest in front of the television every now & then, they need time away from you, so when they are with you, like stuck to you when they are unwell, you're 100% into it. The best time of my life was at home with my 4, all at once, now my 4th baby is in year 2, i still miss them during the day & embrace school holidays as our fantastic time again together. I have zero back up (no babysitters, nearby family, delegatees & a husband living interstate) so i take my parenting as my full time job, do it with gusto as they are asleep again before you know it, then another school day. So never beat yourself up about anything you do, it all makes up motherhood, blogging with your back to them is not going to neglect them or harm them, they realise you have things to do too, makes them independent & expand their brain & ability to seek their own answers. Look at the glorious outdoor area you're doing up for them, that is amazing, so keep up the great work Racheal, love Posie

  9. Oh I have mummy guilt to about screen time. Normally Mr C and I try to limit the time in front of screens but when they are sick I try to remember when I was a kid and sick all I wanted to do was watch movies (still do :)) and I turned out just fine. Sometimes some good relaxing in front of the tv is just what the doctor ordered. :) Love the dress too such a great choice of fabrics. And the moss painting what a great idea, I have seen this on pinterest recently but did not realize that is what you are doing in your header it's going to look amazing



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