Thursday, August 25, 2011


Once again Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration - I love that it is like flicking through a magazine, without all the other bit's I'm not interested in.  Our Creative Spaces - is also another fabulous source of inspiration!

I am a self-confessed lover of bunting - the more whimsical it gets, the better.  As the sun is shining here in Melbourne's outer hills, and our renovations are taking place.....  It is time to get into the yard and get it ready for many a summer bbq.

When we bought our house, the garden, although it had many wonderful heirloom plants; it had not been tended to in over 20 years.  We have been clearing and pulling some plants.  One of these area's is at the rear of the house - where we will make a temporary outdoor area while we consider our future plans for the house!

This is what it looked like at the time of purchase earlier this year.... 

Now please mind all of our mess - bikes - outdoor furniture - plants - the clearing of overgrown flora.  This is what I am envisaging...

The Plan

You have all heard of cushion swaps, fat-quarter swaps, brooch swaps.... right?  

My plans to create a gorgeous few rows of bunting across the white timber got me thinking.....  I could just sew something up by myself.  Then I got dreaming how lovely it would be to incorporate triangles, rectangles, doilies, pieces of bunting (single 'bunts') that friends, strangers, bloggers, anyone made.

It would bring a whimsy delight to sit outside on a summers day and see a few pieces of bunting amongst mine - that others had created.  Maybe a bit of an artistic way to remember this little community of readers - or just to enjoy bunting even more?

What do you think?

Okay, so I am thinking it will go like this....

1.  Must be made out of whatever scraps you have in your stash

2. Can be any shape you desire

3. Finished measurements to be approximately 15cm x 20cm

4.  Any materials can be used other than paper

5.  If you want make and send only 1 piece of bunting - you will receive one

6.  If you make and send 5 you will get 5 (etc etc)
 ( I want at least 50, so I will be making and sending out 50)

7.  Individual pieces need not be made into a garland of bunting - use as you desire....  Sew onto a cushion, or skirt, or dress - or frame - or make into a loom artwork

8.  Items to be posted in a small letter size envelope to keep postage to a minimum

9.  Pieces of bunting to be mailed out by September 28th, 2011

10.  If you want to take part - email me:  Rachael and subject line "Bunting"
I will need your postal address included in the eamil
*Please tell me how many pieces you wish to make, 
and I will email you your list of recipients once I have details*

11.  Pop this button on your page and PLEASE spread the word... it is a great reminder of how kind and encouraging this crafting, parenting bloggy world is!  Once the button is on your page - please
 link back to this post!

FINALLY & Important :   Please still take part even if you do not write a blog - I really want you too!

Let your creativity take you away - I would love to upload some great new pics of YOUR creations to Pinterest.

If you do not write a blog of your own - please still take part.  

Much Love and Bunting fun to you - Rach xo


  1. ummmm...YES!!! did you need to ask! I am in, yay.
    great swap Rach, really great ♥

  2. Cathie xxxx you have made my day!! Thanks so much lovely - you are my first xxx

  3. I so happy I came to have a look at your blog - love love love your header!!

    Must make a cuppa and go back to read all of your older posts - fun!!

  4. Fabulous idea. I'm definetly in. Already on my blog!

  5. Rach what a fun, fun swap! As another self confessed buntaholic I would love to participate :)
    Emailing you now.

  6. One of the best 'swaps' EVA.
    I'm in :)

  7. One of the best 'swaps' EVA.
    I'm in :)

  8. I'm in can't wait to start. Oh the colours, what to do.

  9. oh I love this idea! Have just sent you an email and here's my blog post link :

  10. Yay, love buntings! Would love to join in on a swap.
    Fantastic idea.

  11. That sounds fantastic! I'm on it as fast as possible!
    BTW - it's been a while since I've had time for blogreading, and I'm stricken again by your beautiful banner! love it!!

  12. This is very exciting! If you feel like blogging about this - go ahead - the more the merrier! Rach xo

  13. Sounds like fun. I love bunting!

  14. This swap thing is all new to me, sounds fun, count me in! :-)

  15. Are you kidding?!? I'm totally jealous I didn't come up with this fabulous idea myself!! I'm so in!!

  16. Ill think about it! I must say the pictures are inspiring!

  17. Oh how I love bunting. I can't wait to take part :)

  18. This sounds like a fun idea....count me in for Five Pieces.

  19. Oh I would love to join, but have just started sewing this last month. The pictures make your mind reel. We have a good think and explore today. Back soon.

  20. yes please! I've been starry eyed at all the bunting pics on pinterest.

  21. hi there! i just found your blog through paisley jade - i linked up today too (though on my other blog cake & cotton). can i participate if i'm in the US??? pretty please? wonderful idea!!

  22. oh goodness! this sounds like so much fun! totally emailing you with my details now! :)

  23. Just replying to your reply to my comment on the opshop blog, Rach - I'm not really into bunting, but I'm happy to send you a piece of my orange dots fabric for yours! Leave a note on my blog, or email me with your address and how much fabric you need.

  24. Fab idea.......I saw your link on Beberouge and think it is a great idea, I will link you on my blog and also send you my details........super excited!

  25. What a great idea. I am thinking how many pieces shall I need to make a lovely string of bunting. Will we be sending each.piece to a different person? What a lot of work you shall have partnering up everyone. I shall email you know....

  26. Brilliant, i'm working on an oil cloth one for you today, yay, it will be hardy in the weather, oh do you send your address to us, no need for a swap, just happy to donate & join in, love Posie

  27. ooooo love bunting too, great idea for a swap!!! So joining in!

  28. Is it too late to sign up??
    Hope not, I'm a bit slow off the mark :s

  29. oooh I want to but I'm so hopelessly disorganized at the moment that I'm worried about signing up!

  30. Hi Rachel, Cat Brown sent me over to you! I am a self confessed PINNY and your newest follower! love Annie x


    I would love to participate! Here's my link, thanks for reminding me! Talk about perfect timing!


  32. Im just embarking on some birthday bunting, crocheted!

    xxxxxx love the blog! will follow! x



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