Thursday, August 18, 2011

cheery yellow doilies

Yarning along today with Ginny of Small Things...

As I sat drying our clothes this morning at the laundromat - I found this delightful plain covered 'book'.... it

immediately took my interest from the cover design.  I found it to be a personally published message, a

newspaper printed to convey one person's compassion, care and non-complacency for our world.  It

delighted my soul - I am excited to read the collection of articles this author wanted to share with the


I am knitting Master J a vest - taking a break from the green Fishermans pullover, I chose to knit in thinner

yarn (it's taking so long).  This vest is so sweet and will be so soft and snuggly in the thicker yarn I have


I found the happiest doilies today - canary yellow - must be some more reminders for me that Spring is

around the corner!  My travels of late have not gathered many bigger items - just lots of little ones.  I am

loving these vintage sewing patterns too!

Seems I am not the only one pushing through the end of winter... thank goodness... and thanks for all your 

lovely comments!  I have caught up with new friends this week, and today is my first day 'alone' home by 

myself....  I know tomorrow I will need to natter away a few many thousand of my words to continue feeling 

positive - I definitely was not created to be a hermit!  Today I have been cleaning up, aiming to move some 

furniture around and get the house more liveable.  

I bought a crochet hook yesterday after visiting my favorite wool store with my mum, the store I have to show 

almost everyone who visits me.  Mum was down for Grandparents and Special friends day at the kidlets 

school - and one of my best friends came too as a surrogate aunt to my Miss G.  How blessed we were.

So after finding these doilies today - I am inspired to learn to crochet doilies in quirky and fun colours!

image courtesy of pinterest

Hope your day is blessed!  

Much Love Rach xo


  1. LOVE the doilies! And am feeling your pain at the end of winter. I smile every time I see bright colours or a touch of blossom on trees. I feel like I've not coped well with the cold this year. Need some spring sunshine :)
    (I also was not meant to be a hermit, but am single, until recently jobless, ill of health...have spent many lonely days home alone. Thank goodness for blog world!)

  2. I love those! What are your going to do with them? I want to make some too now, but I don't know how to crochet. That little book certainly is a fun find.

  3. I love the bright doilies. I only ever find very old and yellowing ones in the shops.

  4. Would you say that is a zine? What a lovely thing to find while doing the washing!

    Loving the yellow doilies.

  5. Hey lovely, Seb's Montessori class uses doilies with little glass beads hanging off the edges. They use them over the glass jug of water to stop dust from getting in. So sweet!



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