Tuesday, August 9, 2011

exciting news

I feel very privileged to let you know I am now a contributor on a great Melbourne op-shopping blog!  I know many of you would also love a heads up of places to shop and treasure hunt - as I do.  Check out this gorgeous site I Op Therefore I Am.

On a Squiggly personal note, I have decided to defer my studies once again - this is going to be a long process!  The relief is wonderful - I now do not feel like I have a grey cloud hanging over my head!  The onset of the flu immediately after my teaching rounds, and then my text book being out of print were big deciding factors!

Mr DCT is pretty excited to have a wifey back, the kidlets are excited for some more home cooking.  I am excited for more creating and thrifting!  We are about to head out the door to discover some new Op-shops, so stay tuned!

Also, I have booked lunch with a dear old friend for next week.  I find it easy to hibernate at times.  I have realised if I feel lonely - mmmm, well - I need to push through some shyness and catch up with people.  It is a new goal of mine (as of yesterday), to meet up at least once a fortnight with a friend.  What do you think?  My hibernating antics need to be overcome!

Hope your day is great.... Also, news on Terri-Lynn.... she has been rescued!  That is blessed news!

Much Love to you and Yours
Rach xx


  1. oh what fab fab news re your blogging role as the 'op shop queeeniest of queens'!!!! What an answer ro prayer re Teri Lynn - thank goodness for that news, hugs today, TK xx

  2. So happy to hear that abour Terri-Lynne!
    I too can tend to hibernate as usually I'm quite happy to keep busy at home with little company. But sometimes you need to push past it as it is nice to get together with friends. It sound like you made the right decision about the studying. The right decision usually makes you feel so much better once it's made. Will check out that site xo

  3. Me me. Catch up with me. Better still, op shop with me. I found a little place you would LOVE last week. xo

  4. Glad you have made a decision that makes you happy. I think your "friend a fortnight" plan is a great one. I often feel and think the same, hopefully I can follow your lead : ) Congrats on the blog contributor-role too.

  5. Congrats to you! What a great opportunity. And I totally understand about deferring your studies. You need to do what's right for you.

    Good luck with your get togethers (I totally tend to hibernate, so I understand where you're coming from!).

    And that's great about Terri-Lynn!



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