Friday, August 26, 2011


This week has brought about three very sick little kidlets in my home.  A trip to hospital.  The beginning of my first ever crafting/blogging swap (The Bunting Swap).  Some romance with my Mr DCT.  Our first egg from the chooklets.  My first Spring - Summer 2011/2012 dress design off the machine.

I am very grateful for the new blogs I have been discovering.  It truly blesses me to read and share your lives.  So my grateful post this week is about reading other blogs, learning through them, relating to them, gaining the boldness to begin my own (thanks to Dee) and enjoying the gorgeous pictures!

Much Love Rach xo

ps - join in each weekend with Maxabella for gratefulness love!


  1. It seems everyone is grateful for blogging this week...must be a share the love week x

  2. Also just tried to open link to your store but didn't work, is it still running? xx

  3. Hi again! I have a permanent 'real' store at The Vintage Shed in Tyabb. My online store is in the midst of changing from Big Cartel to Etsy - sorry for the delay! xo

  4. Happy days to you, hope your kidlets feel better soon! I love your bunting swap, but am swamped and don't want to get in over my head! Please make it a yearly (or more often!) swap!

  5. I love that purple and lace....Spring dresses...exciting that it is beginning to feel like Spring.

  6. Sounds like a lot going on this week for you, i hope the little ones are well again soon.
    enjoy the weekend. x

  7. What a busy week indeed, and a great list to be grateful for.
    There are so many wonderful blogs out there...just not enough time!

  8. I agree! Blogging is the best. And especially when you discover new blogs!
    How fabulous that you have a new Spring-Summer dress design done. Sunny days are so close now... x

  9. Nice to meet you! I'm grateful for exactly the same things. Beautiful colours on your spring dress. Hope your household feels better.

  10. I'm sorry to hear your buds have been sick. I hope all is well in their world again.

    I could do a bunting swap! At last, a clever crafty clogs swap that I might actually manage! Except, of course, I still haven't even found the time to pay it forward and that was due in February... I am a terrible over-committer!

    I must read back through your posts as I can see you've had quite a week! I too love blogs but I havent had any time this week to visit hardly anyone. Sigh.

    I love that you made your 'moss project' your header. Don't forget to update us as it grows ( and it WILL grow if it knows what's good for it!!)


  11. Blogging makes the world a better place, such a lovely thing to be grateful for.

    Hope everything one is feelin better soon xo

  12. It seems like so many of us are grateful for blogs, blogging, followers, community. I guess that's why we stick around and keep plugging away at it. Hope your kiddies recover soon.

  13. Always a stressful time when the kids are sick -hope they are on the mend.
    That purple dress is intriguing.
    And my head is spinning with bunting ideas - wasn't dreaming bunting but it has been keeping awake at night!

  14. yah...the first egg....a very exciting day. And I LOVE that purple is just 'so me'.
    Hope everyone is feeling better and yes gratefulness is a wonderful thing. I am constantly grateful for where I live and with whom I live and how I am able to live.



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