Saturday, August 20, 2011

more moss

Miss G is sick on the couch with the flu, the sun is shining - so that meant a day at home with Miss G on the couch, with the boys and I outside!

Remember I posted about some garden inspiration?  I am lining up some willow branches, however we could get started on some green grafitti today!  So exciting!  Master S told me it is a 'bit over the top' - it is definitely quirky - but I love it!  

First we used some home-made buttermilk (you can use beer or yoghurt as well).  The recipe I used called for 1 cup of buttermilk, 1 cup of moss and a tablespoon of sugar.

Blend it all together - ours was quite runny; I guess I will see in time if it has worked!

Start painting!

A number 9 for our chimney!

And voila - you have a masterpiece!  Mister DCT smiled as he returned home this afternoon; "looks good - I 
like it" he said.  Wow.

Spray with water daily to keep moist and stimulate growth.

It will be so cute when it looks like this...

I don't know if we will stay where we are living, but I need to make it fun while we are!  

Today I am so grateful for the sunshine - seriously good medicine!  Enjoy your weekend. 

Much Love Rach xo


  1. This will be so cool to see how it grows and I hope it turns out like the inspiration pic. How awesome.
    Nice sunny week coming up! YAY. xoxo

  2. Just started reading your blog and it's pulling so many strings for me! I love this idea and I'm so looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  3. Hi Kirsty! I grew up in Gippsland! Thanks for stopping by xx Rach

  4. Doh! The inspiration pic won't load on my page. I'm guessing it looks awesome and I love the idea behind it.

  5. That looks great. Does it matter what the wall surface is?

  6. Syliva - I am not sure - this has worked I know on stone, rocks and brick walls.... maybe google it if you want to work with something else xxxx

  7. I love this idea - saw it at That looks so magnificent - can't wait to see the end result - we're renting but moss grows well here - maybe I can erect something.....

  8. Hey girl! I tried emailing you back, but it's keeps saying delivery fail! Do you have another email address I can send it to?


  9. That is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

  10. OMG, that's going to look so awesome, Rach. I really like your design. I hadn't heard of 'green graffiti, but it's so cool! Hope it works. x

  11. wow! that looks amazing! i think i'm going to have to do something like that at our place!
    poping over via maxabella. nice to meet you :)



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