Monday, August 15, 2011


It is still winter here.  Rain today.  The sunshine of yesterday, a picnic, church and an afternoon watching my kidlets play pirates in the yard, while I planted and pulled out azaleas, was enough to get me back on track.

Coffee with an dear friend today added to the feeling of relaxation.

Then I check out Pinterest tonight - all I can say is the pictures speak for themselves and I am motivated to at least work on the areas of this home that I can do something about! (Not to say I don't want my bathroom finished and the clutter gone.)

Not sure what I will work on first, but here are some of the ideas, care of Pinterest!

Build a tree house with vines.

Collect heart shape rocks and pebbles and arrange in moss or grass.

This is not me.... but this is my absolute favorite!  Found here.  Instructions are:

One can of cheap beer or 1 1/2 cups buttermilk
A few handfuls of moss
One teaspoon of sugar.

In your blender, blend until the mixture is smooth, and you’re ready to get painting!
You can use a brush to paint your moss onto concrete walls, rocks, or brick. Mist the moss once a day to help it thrive, and soon your green graffiti will take hold!

I have been working on the next Squiggly Sunday post - it is taking a while to put together and gather all the photo's - it will be Part II of the Master S story!

Hope all is great

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Love it! The girl in the moss picture looks like someone I know... any way to find out? Where did you get it from?
    I think you'd be interested in Living Willow Structures - do a google image search! They are so unbelievably cool. I have a friend with willow trees that they are happy for me to prune, I just have to decide what I want to create...

  2. Erin, this is the link I got it from:

    hope that helps, Rach xx

  3. I've just been reading back through some of your older posts Rach and I feel so sorry that you've been a bit sad. I feel like I can completely understand as I was feeling the same a couple of weeks back when we had been on the road a month. When the shineyness and excitment had worn off and real life crept in. I hope the sun does come out and warm you up and make your gorgeous world seem sparklier and more fun. I hope you meet some fabulous people and have find the best oppy treasure. xx



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