Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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image from grrl+dog

 Lift up a flag on the bare hill, raise your voice to them, wave the hand that they 
may enter the doors of the nobles.
Isaiah 13:2

Pass through, pass through the gates!
Prepare the way for the people.
Build up, build up the highway!
Raise a banner for the nations.
Isaiah 62:10

All you people of the world,
you who live on the earth, when flags are raised on the mountains,
you will see it,
when a trumpet sounds,
you will hear it.
Isaiah 18:3


My Creative Space this week and yarn along have been consumed with The Bunting Swap and what it means.  I don't think it is really just a little swap of bunting pieces, but something deeper.

I have been reading up on meanings behind flags, bunting, banners and standards.  Dating back to the 17th century; bunting and flags were used to celebrate festivals and proclaim faith.  They were a sign of unity.  Brooke Fraser even sings a song about flags - it is quite fitting!

Photo courtesy of Giggleberry (The Queen of Bunting who is participating)

It got me thinking about the unity we have as bloggers, as mamma's, as home-makers.  Some of us may not feel united, may not feel part of anything - maybe something has happened.  Maybe all is well in your world now and you can give, make a piece or two or three for the swap.

I have been reading a blog for sometime of an Australian woman who is very well known in the blogging world.  I'd love to send her some bunting - (you know the Sally Seltmann song "I'm a little bit shy") - sometimes I am.  I may drop her a line.  I probably should.

So, as we all know bunting is wonderfully pretty - it brings joy and colour - and I love it!  I have had so many wonderful responses - about 25 participants so far making anywhere from 1 to 30 pieces individual pieces to post off across the world.  How many more can we get?  If you have already put your hand up and not mentioned it - please spread the word on your blogs.  I think this swap has a strong calling to it.  

Himalayan prayer flags are synonymous in the Hills I live in - I think these flags we make in The Bunting Swap will be a fresh representation of love, joy and kindness - fruits of The Spirit.  Please sign up if you haven't already - it is open to everyone, not just Australian bloggers!  Here are the details: 

1.  Must be made out of whatever scraps you have in your stash

2. Can be any shape you desire

3. Finished measurements to be approximately 15cm x 20cm

4.  Any materials can be used other than paper

5.  If you want make and send only 1 piece of bunting - you will receive one 

6.  If you make and send 5 you will get 5 (etc etc)
 ( I want at least 50, so I will be making and sending out 50)

7.  Individual pieces need not be made into a garland of bunting - use as you desire....  Sew onto a cushion, or skirt, or dress - or frame - or make into a loom artwork

8.  Items to be posted in a small letter size envelope to keep postage to a minimum

9.  Pieces of bunting to be mailed out by October 15, 2011 (Date has been extended from Sept. 28)

10.  If you want to take part - email me:  Rachael and subject line "Bunting"
I will need your postal address included in the eamil
*Please tell me how many pieces you wish to make, 
and I will email you your list of recipients once I have details*

11.  Pop this button on your page and PLEASE spread the word... it is a great reminder of how kind and encouraging this crafting, parenting bloggy world is!  Once the button is on your page - please
 link back to this post or even blog about it!

My knitting for this week has been a little slow going, I am trying to use up the rest of the gorgeous charcoal alpaca yarn I bought from the Bendigo Mills.  A vest or sleeveless sweater for my Mr DCT is the plan.  I am modifying this Patons pattern to be sleevless.  My reading has been The Word. 

I really should get cracking on my bunting though!  Maybe I should knit some!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Hi Rachel,

    thanks for leading me over here...I love bunting! and there isnt enough of it.
    Flat out making ready for the markets sell more....bunting!

  2. I love bunting.... wish I could sew!! I like the Isaiah quotes.

  3. Lovely post - I always thought there was something special about bunting, it just transforms any place in an instant!

  4. What a fun idea! With the coming of baby #7 any day, this would not be a good time to join.
    I love knitting with alpaca as well.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. You have a very nice have given me so many great ideas.


    A Knitters Notebook

  6. I love those buntings! wish I could join in, but I am overextended already...

  7. i love bunting too, i've been knitting one, making a new triangle here and there, someday it'll get done!

  8. I would like to make some bunting one day! And my knitting started so fast until I ran out of yarn this week - now I"m waiting for it to arrive via UPS and it's taking forever!

  9. What a wonderful idea! I love seeing himalayan prayer flags out too. There is something wonderful about seeing things made with love out and blowing in the wind.

  10. OOOOO, buntings are fun. not sure I have time for a swap right now but I'll mull it over.Great idea!

  11. still not sure what bunting is...will google. lol...


  12. Your bunting swap is a really lovely idea! I wish I had time to take on another project this fall. I'll have to watch this space in case you do it again in the future! xo

  13. Alas i have no bunting that i make and no time to make it but Miranda Gray sent me this beautiful bee bunting - There is a photo if you click on my name. Love your posts.

  14. Happy Wattle Day - 1st of spring - bring it on!

  15. Hi Rachael, I've just emailed you...I would love to join in the fun!

  16. Hi Rachel..I'm just not sure on the you mean 15cm x 20cm for each flag or the whole string?? Please let me know and then I'll see whether I can join. Thanks.

  17. Interesting, never heard of this, must read more, so beautiful pictures.

  18. I love, love, love bunting! I made five new lengths of bunting last night, and then stumble along this post tonight - coincidence??? I'm all bleary eyed with mama exhaustion right now, so will have to read the fine print tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, your words really meant a lot to me. Have a great weekend!




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