Friday, August 26, 2011

what's on your mind?

I've been dreaming of the bunting swap last night - it is very exciting.  The three children are now sick on the couch - poor kidlets.

Spring has sprung at our house - albeit the grey skies today - we have our very first ever, especially special.....


and the forget me not's are popping up all over the yard (one of those extra special delights of moving and experiencing our first Springtime)!

That is what's on my mind that I'm loving!.

Hope your day is blessed!

Much love Rach xo


  1. Hoping your children return to health quickly!

    Congrats on the egg~


    Came over to see what was on your mind! I am glad I did!

  2. I love spring! New beginnings :) I'll shoot you an email soon :) and let you know where we are with our boy.

  3. There is nothing like the very first egg!! Thanks for joining in.

  4. Spring is in the air! Love the egg and the pretty flowers. I found a gerbera had flowered the other day in my garden, I was most excited to see a budding flower as I can't wait for the warmer weather to come. Spring is such a magical time :) Just popped over from D2E. Regards, Ruth @

  5. Yes your bunting swap is very exciting..I have mentioned it to anyone who will listen :)
    Hope your children are feeling better soon.

  6. Congrats! And I do hope everyone gets well soon



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