Thursday, September 1, 2011

the arts

I spent today on a school excursion to the Melbourne Writers Festival with my young Master S.  He was chosen as one of four in his class for his creative writing - to participate in a Year 4 to Year 12 English excursion.  Master S met his favorite author; Emily Rodda.

It reminded me of my teen years, the years where I was discovering my academic abilities.  The years that I began to explore the City.  The years where my creativity began.  The years I met Mr DCT at Flinders Street Station to spend days together.  The years that I now feel, I am getting back to similar trains of thought.

I loved being with all the 'kids' today.  My group was just delightful - I even got a hug from one of the boys.  How sweet (I felt valued).

On the bus on the way home, chatting with another mamma.  The conversation came to being a mamma.  The tasks, the choices, the role, what we do, the sacrifice, the loneliness, the joy.  One of the teachers, a beautiful lady - let me know she remembered those days, when her last babe went to school.  The feeling of climbing out of a hole.  I love being a mamma, don't get me wrong - but it is hard.  That is not talked about much.

I was thinking.  Where did I go?  What happened to that teenager that whimsically loved going to the City and  experiencing the Arts, culture, OP-SHOPS!  She had babies.  I had special babies.

Last night I received an email from a fellow stall holder - she too has a child on the Autism Spectrum.  One of the mamma's on the excursion today has a child on the Autism Spectrum.  I have two.  I remembered that only 12 month ago, if we took Master J to a shopping center, movie theatre - or the like.  I remembered the stress, the tantrums, the sensory overload; the anxiety it caused the family.

Today I had a little hope.  As I accompanied Master S on his excursion - that maybe one day soon - just maybe - we might be able to be a 'normal' family.  We might be able to start experiencing culture, the Arts, trips to the City again.  I hope so.  I felt like me again.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. This is beautiful. Congratulations on your super writer, what an honour. Emily Rodda is highly represented in our book case here at home.
    I know i had an easy ride with my 4, no allergies, not even fussy with food & love being outdoors, it's not lost on me what a good run i had with them at home.
    School has been equally as rewarding as they excel & embrace it all. I loved the excursions (not so much call for mummy helpers now they are older) but boy there was always some near miss or disaster. One boy in front of me got his shoe lace stuck in the escalators & i was there (at the National Gallery of Australia) with my preschooler (who was made to feel very unwelcome) & i had to yank the boy in front, up & well, saved his life thank you very much. The most recent excursion my twins were on (year 4 & same group of boys) one stuck his finger in a hole on a fence, you guessed it, the fire brigade has to cut him free!! I'm a tad scarred by school excursions now, love Posie

  2. Every day gets better, and every tough phase they grow out of. Before you know it these days will be a memory. Keep doing what you're doing as it is working.
    You look absolutely gorgeous in the pics!

  3. Emily Rodda rocks, how lucky are you? I love a city trip too, challenging enough with easy going kids, well done for pulling off a happy one. Such a perfect day - impossible not to love the first day of Spring.

  4. this is the coolest post i've read all week, i just love your honesty and openess.....i love the way you describe HOPE........very cool photos and again thanks for sharing lisa xx

  5. Sounds like you have a belonging in the city.
    How does your husband deal with the sensory bombardment in busy places?

  6. Congratulations. You've hit a milestone. There may be more setbacks, but you've taken a next step. Just keep praising Him and thanking Him... Blessings abound.

    Hugs, Debbie

  7. you look so beautiful and glowing with happiness in these pictures - as does Master J. It seems like all of you are constantly pushing your boundaries and discovering new things that strengthen and brighten you. yay for that! :o)

  8. Fabulous post, lady. And I've still got a grin on my face from looking at that grin on your kid's face in the Emily Rodda pic!



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