Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bunting swap update

Hello Ladies!  Addresses are getting sent through - there has been a little confusion over your own name not being on the list I have emailed through.  That is because you need not send one to yourself!  Everyone has a different list as  you are all making different numbers of bunting pieces, I have organised it that if you make and send 5 or 10 or 30, you will receive the same number in return!

There are still some to email through, I will get to this asap - we are having a very ASPIE week in my home, which is delaying me!

Finally, Yaga at The Shiny Bubble has put together a flickr group for us to each upload some pics of what we are making and or receiving!  Here is the link.

Two gorgeous friends have blessed me with a gift of bunting - wow I felt treasured!  Aren't they pretty!

I feel like a bad mother of chickens at the moment, I did not lock our chooks away properly last night and our Milo girl was taken by I am guessing a fox.  She was our friendliest and cuddliest - I'm sorry Milo.  RIP.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Oh no poor Milo...that is so sad :(
    Have just started working on my bunting...looking forward to sending it on :)


  2. Oh I'm sorry. Those foxes leave no chook uneaten if they're not locked in overnight.

    And better to be a bad chicken Mummy than a bad people Mummy. My boy has pnuemonia. I feel like if I'd only taken him back to a Dr on Friday maybe we would have prevented it from getting so far along. He's not bouncing back with antibiotics like he did as a tiny little tacker.

  3. :( sorry to hear about your chicken...you gifted bunting looks lovely!



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