Saturday, September 10, 2011

earthly treasures have blessed

I feel I have had a bit of a confirmation for our path we are travelling at the moment.  It has been a difficult week with some news of friends close to us - but that news has confirmed another way that our move was the right choice.

Our move to concentrate more on the simple life.  I have been chatting with my boys about giving this week.  Another blogger discussed kindness and giving on her blog last night.  Interesting reading - lots of thoughts.

This week I have been gifted five amazing bundles of earthy treasures.  To be blessed with bundles of vintage and antique fabrics together with lace trims has been nothing short of miraculous.  Mr DCT has wondered if my sewing efforts are worth my while.  Somehow this has been a confirmation.  A blessing.

Then today I went to a garage sale (yard sale) - and wow.  I met a lady who shared a similar view to life as I do - albeit she was older and has had many a hardship.  Her blessing, her kind words - one of those chance meetings; we exchanged numbers.  She was an art-therapist at the Royal Childrens Hospital years ago.  Mmmm, interesting.  Isn't it amazing how when we have felt to isolated or lonely - answers to prayer just start flowing in and we meet people or read something that blesses us!

I bought this collection of books at her sale.  And I love the vintage illustrations in a poetry book I picked up.

My how I love this mamma Owlet.  Please read this amazing post she wrote last night.  How I yearn to do something like this.  Maybe I may start paving the way - it may take some courage.  It brings me back to The Bunting Swap - a bit of courage - listening to what I felt I had to do.  The blessings that have come.

Aren't these treasures amazing!  How grateful I feel.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Oh I totally agree about feeling isolated and alone and then being blessed with a word, a post, a person.
    And it is amazing how this comes random as a person you meet at a garage sale, to someone in a shop, to a friend met online through blogging.
    Love your finds, especially that lace!!

  2. What Beautiful posts by yourself and 2 wonderful ladies. I am part of a Brown Owls group and I have to say I love it, I look forward to it. On the Bunting Swap you have allowed me to be so creative and I'm loving making all my Buntings and the thought of complete strangers receiving them makes me giddy with excitement. Thank-you for organizing such a wonderful idea to bring people together. xx

  3. Praise God for those people who draw us out of loneliness and isolation with their kindness.
    Sonia xx

  4. Such amazing treasures. And sometimes when you make decisions, it takes time to realise that it was the right thing for you. So glad you met someone who you clicked with. Off to check out Owlet to see that thought provoking post!

    Thanks so much for linking up today. xx

  5. How lovely to have such treasures come past your way....We are designed to be in community and give to community. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What wonderful treasures to find their way to their new, needed home.



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