Monday, September 19, 2011

gone fishing

He packed his pack, upon a stick.... tape measure, 'fish list', sunglasses, measuring tape, magnifine glass, bathers and goggles.  Master J was ready for a fishing expedition!

Master J is becoming an expert on different varieties of fish.  Thanks to the ipad application 'flick fishing'.  I must say as much as I dislike parenting with these gadgets, I feel there is no escaping it in my house.  We have put to task in real life, a virtual experience into the real outdoors and environment. My children love, love, loved fishing on the weekend.  They did not lose concentration or interest and we enjoyed the sunshine for a good 3 hours!  They would have stayed longer if I did not have to get home to cook dinner.

I think we have discovered a new family regular outing experience.  We do need to find some more local fishing spots though, the local park was a bit busy for fishlings.

In Master J's kindergarten years a kindred friend of mine made her boy a 'happy book'.  This book is to use when a child is having a meltdown, tantrum or basically a hard time adjusting to a situation.  Sometimes words do not help.  This is true for my boys at times.  I made a 'happy book' for Master J, it has a nice soft felt cover with a happy face on it.  The inside pages are filled with pictures of family, friends and things Master J loves.  One of these things is skeletal structures.

I loved the look on my little man's face when he saw this sign with fish skeletal details.  Precious.  Master J discovered a website with me that has fish skeletons, how amazed and enthralled he was.

What amazes me with my boys is there amazing re-call and retention of facts.  Tonight Master J counted to 400 by 5's - is this Prep material?   I am also amazed by their challenges, some which are hard to deal with.  These may be looked at by some as my lack of parenting, I have even felt I don't make the chop.  But, I do.  The fact is, Asperger's is a condition that affects one's perceptions of sensory input and this can be debilitating.  It is debilitating.  It is hard work.

Then we have break through days like this one.  More days of being able to be in a public place.  Days of making some new friends (albeit being aged just 1 and a half - but as delightful as all could be and my boys adore him).

Sharing these days with a gorgeous big sister and relating.

And sharing something as a family (except Mr DCT who was on night shift).

It is all about perspective isn't it?  I thank my lucky starts we do not have huge physical illnesses that bring about hospitalisation.  We do not have chronic illness that requires regular medical treatment.  I am thankful.

I wonder what I can do to help those who do have high medical needs?  Do these people wonder what they can do to help some like us who have developmental disorders in the family?  It's not tit for tat.  But to think of others, no matter what the deal, is always a good thing.

I have a new friend.  A blog reader.  Her family is sick, quite sick.  They need prayers and love and miracles. They need organ donors.  Are you on the list?  We are.  It is important.  It is something we can all do.  It's not hard, it's selfless.  Goodness, one won't even realise or feel the 'pain' of it when our heart and brain are no longer ticking in this world.  Sign up today, please.

Do you have a local fishing 'hole'?  Tell me!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Such a special special to enjoy an activity that means so much to small people.
    You will l know when you can do something for someone else when it comes your way, just because you think about it.

  2. My daughter wanted a fishing rod for her birthday. We bought it for her and have been fishing a few times since. No fish yet but I agree that it is a wonderful family activity (we all have fishing rods now).

  3. Beautiful post makes me think we should go to the creek more. We only catch tiny little fish and let them go but it is FUN which we all need more of. Great weather is here!!

  4. Beautiful post. Second pic is lovely...happy boy. Counting to 400 by 5's is definately not prep material. It's funny how there can be challenges in one area and talents/abilities in another. Makes for a world full of interesting and unique people I think. Have a lovely week.

    PS Thank you for being an organ donor



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