Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There has been a crisp Spring chill in the air.

My sewing machine has been skipping a beat - not sure why.

These are my latest three designs, I am so happy with them and will be sending them off this week to a store in Hawthorn!

Today I began my casual job as a teachers aide at my kidlets blessed school.  How nice to work near them and see them running about.  I am back there for a full day tomorrow - my pile of sewing will be waiting for me on Thursday I'm sure!

Hope you like these little frocks!  How are you?  The Bunting Swap is almost organised, you should all receive your addresses by the weekend!

Much Love Rach xo

PS - It's Master S and Miss G's birthdays in just under two weeks.... after many an idea thrown our way - a lovely kindred spirit suggested an outdoor cinema screening on our big white space where I will eventually hang the bunting!  How exciting - now to start decorating!


  1. such beautiful things, will be lucky children who receive them! love the outdoor cinema idea.

  2. so many delicious fabrics here! i especially love the wrap dresses.


  3. The Wrap me Up Dress is so very adorable!

  4. completely sweet and beautiful

    hey I think I would like to join the bunting swap if not too late.




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