Monday, October 10, 2011

hoping for, dreaming of & praying

Do you or did you dream of what your life was to be - or what you desire.  The desires of your heart?  I probably started really thinking about these things when I had my Miss G.  The thoughts began.  Thinking about peace, having joy and smiling, smiling lots.  Sharing simplicity and love and joy with those around me.

 I hope for that simple life.  We did the move.  What more is to come?  I have a feeling I know, I pray about it.  Things come about.  People come into your life at just that right moment.  Just the right phone call, just the right act of kindness.  It means so much.

We spent three days with our besties last week.  Then I met up with an old and dear school friends wife, we went to their farm.  How precious she was - as I knew she would be.  I am glad my old friend is blessed with a gorgeous family.  There was space, fields, paddocks, chickens roaming.

 The topic came up again.  Well, there were really lots of topics.  But it was the adoption topic.

I loved practicing my photography skills with this little butterfly; Master J and a red door and a new stockist came about as we strolled the main street of this tiny village.

Then a house I have been looking at for over a year came on the market once again (about the fifth time).  We looked at it.  A new friend lives across the road.  Is this the place?  With that extra room?  Is this where the adventure is taking us?  I'd love to paint the front door red like this one!

As the girls practice their own willow weaving - many a conversation is had.  Prayers, dreams, hopes.  My bestie has these thoughts too.  Do you?

It is a God thing.  The owners have been faithful in their sale; I suppose I will let you know if it is meant to be. We will most likely be putting an offer in.  The Mr DCT is concerned about the environmental aspects, but heck, the house has been standing for over 100 years.  And it's pretty  (I may give you a sneak peak, there's a creek), and the kitchen renovation is the same kitchen we have put in this house.

There is even perhaps a Squiggly studio for me.  And a composting toilet!!!  Why am I excited about that?  I am though!

I love having Faith.  Sometimes faith doesn't make sense.  It's this strong feeling of knowing everything will be alright.  And if this is not the one - there will be the right one.  Gotta love the kids running around and arranging where our furniture will go!

The school holidays end for us tomorrow (this time I am singing praises and they cannot end soon enough).  I am overloaded, mentally, emotionally and audibly.  There has not been enough creating time to give that equilibrium of calm in my head!  I found myself drawing pictures in the sand to feel like flying away like a kite fill that creative space!

With the arrival of spring, I have noticed in these new Hills of ours, the amazing orchestra of birds we wake to each morning.  Truly amazing.  Here's hoping today we get lots done and we see some sun today!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. wow this post really resinated with me.......

    we have been here for just about a year on the bay, and we know this is where we are supposed to be, we have met some amazing people, and i pray the growth in me continues daily...... my favourite quote when you talk about faith is this........
    'faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see'
    thanks for sharing and being real lisa xx

  2. It feels like you are standing in the wind, about to fly a kite... so your last picture is so appropriate. I find that with big decisions and choices, it helps to remember that choices can always be unmade, the road always turns. So it's never quite as scary as we think.

    I like the sound of that house! And I really loved the tone and feeling in your post. I felt like you took me through your thinking and I was by your side. x

  3. Sheesh, Louise! What a post! All sorts of inspiration to find in your words and dreams. Hold on tight for the ride, lady. And maybe breathe in a bit of QUIET this first day back for schoolies...

  4. God has gradually changed my dreams and desires.
    For nearly 10 years I've asked my friends to pray that I would let go of violin as my idol.
    Last year I got really sick.
    I realised I just needed to finally find a job with a salary and sick pay and holiday pay.
    Now I'm working as an Aged Carer and have never been more content.
    I NEVER thought I'd enjoy doing anything other than play the violin.
    God answered mine and my friends prayers.
    Thank you God.

  5. Dreams are great...sounds like you guys might be about to realise one or two...can't wait to see what happens.

  6. You do have much going on... Keep praying. These are the kinds of decisions that are safely answered by Him.

    Your beautiful sand art photo is definitely a note card wanna be!!

    *Our Ball is a home school twice annual event attended by 3+ counties...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. You have a very lovely blog ... so glad to have found you and to be lifted by your posts!

  8. It sounds like a beautiful place. Being able to make your dreams a reality is magical. I hope you've been able to get some creating done. xx



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