Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'll use blue for the clouds....

Master J is home today.  It's so nice to have him home and do some stuff together.  Nice to slow down and just have one child home for a time.  He doesn't usually like artwork - unfortunately (or fortunately for my kidlets) there is no escaping it with me as their mamma!

Apparently my little man doesn't really like Art at school.  We have always been creative, but not much at home in the last six months.  He's a little older now, so I thought I'd give some cotton tip painting a go with my Master J.

He loved it, and was talking as he created.  I decided to start writing down what he wrote, I will write it around the outside of his work and frame it I think.  Thought you might like to hear what he said.....

"I'm making the sun.  Yeah - this is my artwork.  Oh yeah, we forgot something.  Some black for the clouds.  You know that looks like a dead horse.....

Never mind... I'll use blue for the clouds, that looks lovely.  I'm a pro at art.  That's my imaginary friend.....

A duck pond, a rainbow.  Did you hear that?  Mum, I need some grey for the wind.... Shhhhh..... phhheeewwww...... sssshhhhhhh.  I know birds better than you Mum.  We need more brown, the tree needs more branches.....

Otherwise it won't live happily ever after.  The dog has the stick.  I'll draw God.  God's house.  That could be a big teddy bear.....That's God and he's eating an apple....

The apple tree needs two more apples....

Yes, an orange tree, with oranges.... oh it's a duck."

Precious times.

Much Love Rach xo


  1. What a little sweetie! I especially like how he said 'oh it's a duck', like it wasn't supposed to be there but then all of a sudden it was!
    Have a lovely day,
    Rach x

  2. That gorgeous duck, a rainbow in a rainbow of colours, God eating an apple and an apple tree with apples on it..it's amazing..and definitely worth framing. If I were you I'd think about printing out his commentary as well and popping it at the back of the picture for posterity too.

  3. Omg, one of my favourite posts ever! Awesome idea :-) (Mind if I steal it?)

  4. kc, go for your life... it is so special xx

  5. So lovely the opening up and discovery.

    Rach have received your most sweet bunting piece, thank you.

    I have sewn all my pieces up now and really happy.


  6. Such a sweet picture, I like you paint brushes!



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