Friday, October 14, 2011

on my mind

The kidlets went back to school on Wednesday.  Miss G with the help of Master S and a precious Italian friends phone-call made her first batch of homemade pasta.

A day of sewing.

A trip to Brunswick to the lovely new Gleaners Inc. store where four of my bird houses are housed until their new owners pick them up!  Two gorgeous new friends accompanied me, gee it was nice to go out with some friends (aka bird cage carrying assistants).

Sydney Road is so busy, I'd never been here before (that I can remember anyway).  I was delighted to get back home to the tree's.

Lot's of bridal shops, this was a great photo opportunity!!

And how blessed did I feel to have a friend who also loves sifting through someone's junk!!!  We found some lanterns and another non-descript item!

Some gorgeous vintage blanket and fabric finds.  And today I am trying to catch up on my housework, the sun is shining but it doesn't seem to have reached my brain.  More about that at another time.


That's what is on my mind.

Much Love Rach x x


  1. Ooooooo can I come next time! I'd be a great assistant and I love looking through junk! xx

  2. You were just a short distance from where I live! I spend a lot of time wandering up and down Sydney road.
    I shall now have to visit Gleaners Inc...

  3. It's been rainy and over cast for days here and I've been fighting the blues the last couple days myself. Someday's it's hard to find that inner happiness.

  4. Hi Rachael,
    Thanks for dropping the bird cages over. And you know what? They have been getting some great feedback. All the visitors today commented on them and admired them. I also went digging around that very same skip and scored a plate rack and plant stand...and a log for my garden gnome :)

  5. I like how your mind works!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Great to know Liz! My mind Debbie? I don't know if I like how it works! Ha! xx

  7. I love your nests, they look ace perched high in the Gleaners shop.



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