Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm back

What a busy week.  Rain.  Catching up with Friends and Family.  Miss G collapsed.  Hospital.  All is okay.  Adverse reaction to pain.  Head cold.  Negotiations about a pet rat.  More rain.

I tried my hand at some miniature ceramic modelling - it's not something I think I would do often, but I have some lovely little pieces for my next project.

Here are some of the latest dresses....

I have just read a wonderful blog post here today - great things to think about.  I am going to go and hibernate this head cold away.  Creative Space here today too!

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Your little dresses are so gorgeous. I love the combination of fabrics. I wish I had a little girl (just so I could dress her up) but don't want to swap my gorgeous boys.

  2. thank you x x my boys pants are just as cute!

  3. Ooh thanks for the shout-out and for you lovely comments on the post. I know just how you feel, I get all excited creating something only to find it bigger and better somewhere else and feel depressed about what I've made and that (shock horror) I'm not the only one in the world to have thought of doing it!

    Love love love your adorable little dresses! I've been thinking of looking for simple patterns for dresses for my three girls but keep delaying... hopefully I'll get there before summer comes and goes! You've inspired me to look again!

  4. Your minnies and pinnies are fabulous.

    Love all the colours and can imagine you've derived great satisfaction from all you've created this week.

    Happy day!
    Felicity x

  5. You have been busy...hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Who is doing the negotiations on the pet rat? Not sure I could do it, we have stick insects which I can't bear! We do live on a farm mind so have sheep and cows which is quite enough!

    Your pins are very sweet, how clever and as ever your dresses are beautiful!
    Do hope you are ALL feeling better already!

  7. Just gorgeous! Love that tiny toadstool...

  8. I love your dresses :-)

  9. sending you loads of honey & lemon juice....along with garlic and hot hot keep your nasty headcold in check - get well soon my dear, TK xx (ps - yes Disconnected Kids was a good read for what I was looking for xx)

  10. I followed your link to Little Gumnut and read the post and the's a thorny issue, for sure.

    Anyway, yes, it is true that lots of people are recycling vintage fabrics into clothing, and other things, but your dresses are unique to you and they are simply lovely.

    There may be nothing new under the sun, but the way you combine fabrics and the little crochet lace/doily embellishments....this is your personal stamp of originality and nobody could copy it successfully because you do it instinctively (that's what makes your things special) and a copy would look sadly wrong.

    Take heart in this - you make beautiful things.

  11. Cute dresses, love the colorful fabrics! good luck on the pet rat negotiations, for some reason they really freak me out. love the little pins too, the little bird is so cute :-)

  12. Thanks Wendz! TK, I might have to read that book... FishesMakeWishes... the rat negotiations... ah they are very challenging for me - but all I can say is the things we do for our children! xx

  13. Hi Rach, I hope you're feeling better soon and the busy times will calm down a bit and you'll find a way of dealing with the dark blue angel!
    If you're going for a rat, please consider getting at least two or even three, they are very social and intelligent creatures and need friends and a lot of room and entertainment to feel good!



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