Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Time is a flurry of housework and mothering for me at the moment.  I feel like everything is going so fast - and I cannot keep up.  So I have chosen not too.  Of course there is the washing and dishes to keep up with and feeding us all - but to tidy and do the groundhog day cleanup each and every day - I am letting go of that at the moment.

We are sick yet again.  It's Miss G's grade 6 graduation dinner this week.  I have to finish the place cards.

I adjusted my dress as I felt it was a bit 'showy'.  Some antique and vintage lace, new shiny patent heels and a black necklace should do the trick.

The transition from school to school to school for Miss G in the last 18 months has been huge.  She has been so strong, but still I worry about her.  She reminds me of me, holds it together and then seems to show a bit of anxiety.  We talk lots and I pray she has good role models and some new friends come into her life.  She is blessed to have a kindred little spirit at her school  They actually really remind me of Anne Shirley and Diana!

My first ever harvest of organic garlic has turned out well, I should have planted some more.  This might last us about three months!

Master S and his best mate Master T went fossicking on Sunday after church.... They came home with treasures for me to sell at my stall!  How sweet!  They found some amazing things too!  They will definitely have to take a cut for these!  I will wrap some jute around these legs to give it a new lift.

And a gloss red table - cute and quirky.

I am in love with making miniature gardens... the dreams of little wonderlands is never ending.  I made some little nests this morning.

Squiggly Rainbow is on the waiting list for two big local markets.... but this Saturday we are going to be at a smaller community market in Monbulk.  It is at St Georges Church, on the main street, by the roundabout.... Maybe you will come and visit me and have a trip to the hills!

Lots has been happening, we lost Mr DCT's great grandmother and fare-welled her yesterday.  The boys attended their first funeral and handled it so well.  Family drama flaws me at times.  Greed and selfishness lead to such pain and destruction.

This past week many contemplative thoughts have been running around my head.  It is not new to come to conclusions about destruction, pain and loss.  I think my conclusion is that selfishness and greed overshadow what is right and what is good and what is love.

Sometimes I love reading blogs when I can get to know the blogger and relate to their thoughts and feel that connection.  I am wary to discuss these major thoughts I have had of late as it really will open huge cans of worms.  Why do we sweep aside passionate issues and shrug our shoulders and mandate that we all have an opinion and what is right is given no worth - because in the end they are just opinions.  What about integrity?

What do you think?  Is it important to blog and discuss what we are passionate about?  Or do you readers prefer skimmed surfaces?

Much Love Rach xx


  1. You are such a beautiful soul Rachael! I often feel inclined to publicly post some of my deeper thoughts and opinions but I am so wary of causing offense. And someone always seems to get offended. I myself often, when I read some other blogs and listen to others' views, am inclined to automatically reflect my own life into their words and feel that the writer is judging me. It really is a form of self absorption though isn't it, always worrying what others think of you, always thinking people are thinking about you! I wish I was brave enough sometimes to stand up for integrity (at least my version of it) and tell the world I think they've got it wrong! Maybe it could actually change someones mind! xx

  2. OH wow! That tiny nest is gorgeous :-)

  3. I'm afraid you get the real me in every blog post.
    I'm a very open person, and I know there is a bit of an anonymity un-written rule in blogging, but I think it is important for others to know that someone shares their fears, worries, beliefs, passions...and even challenges them.
    I'm actually searching the blog world for other long-term illness people so I feel less like I'm the only person in the world going through this.
    I don't think we talk about important stuff, and "real" stuff enough. I don't think we challenge each other enough.
    I'm sorry to hear you've been having a tough time. But I'm glad you have shared. I know what to pray for.
    No skimmed surfaces for me :-)
    p.s. I finally added some bunting to the one you sent me, and it is proudly hanging in the living room window. It makes me smile every time I walk into the room :-)

  4. Oh I can relate to the blind eye to housework....so many things going on so many balls to juggle.
    Love your dress too.

    I don't really do deep intentionally cause I have other outlets that I can air my opinions. I try not be too opinionated just my preference with my space.
    Hope you find some space and quiet to move. Good luck with the market.

  5. It's the same old question for me too, knowing how to use that passion and all the feelings... sometimes I blog it, sometimes it's not the right channel for it, sometimes I say too much, sometimes it's perfect. I'm sure that all of your creativity must be fed by your inner world Rach. It's a gift. Finding the best expression is the key. Blog it if it feels right. Perhaps write it down somewhere private if you have doubts - it'll still have the effect of getting it out, without the risk of going public.

    And I'm so glad Miss G has an Anne + Dianna kindred spirit! Her dress is gorgeous.

  6. Well done on those nests they are very special

  7. I think a good dose of caution is needed when blogging. It's OK to be openly passionate about some things, but not everything. Some surface skimming and some deeper stuff - a balance, I suppose.

    Also, once you have published something you can never ever get it back and it might just come back to cause you grief or hurt or embarrassment later on. Best to be careful - blogging is a very open platform - and measure your words. :)



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