Wednesday, November 23, 2011

pretty things

I love to be around beauty.  Beauty for me is maybe not what beauty is to you.  It's about aesthetics and kindness and honesty to me.  

An old school friend is about to have her long awaited bub... it gave me the opportunity to make something baby oriented... it felt strangely odd making for baby.  Very nice though - I often imagine having another girl - oh so pretty.  I would definitely try my hand at making a Steiner Doll if it were to be.  I have had my time I think, or maybe not.  Who know's what the future holds for babes.

Maybe this needs some gorgeous feathers too.... mmmm?  I have a thing for feathers.  Well, most all things natural in art and creating these days.  It's the natural untouched beauty.  Authenticity and perfection.

It's pretty from my seat here as I type - it makes me happy.  Poor Mr DCT has no room for that electric go-cart battery construction -but it is just not aesthetically pleasing to have it on my craft table.

I have been enjoying the company of a new creative group - my first online interactive community next to this blog that is somewhat intriguing.  I have never been one for deeper online communities - but meeting so many other creative and perhaps shall I say seemingly ditsy people is blessing me!

Creations for boys are quite few and far between, so I am trying to even things up a bit.  Paper bunting with Vintage World Atlas's with this gorgeous twill have been the latest off the machine.  Tomorrow I will bring them down to the stall.

I feel like I am rambling away - have lot's of thoughts going around my head!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Your sewing room looks so ordered. I love your natural mobile. So pretty xx

  2. The baby mobile is so sweet. Your friend is sure to love it.

  3. The mobile is just gorgeous. I think feathers would be a great addition! xox

  4. Just stopping by to say hi after not having been around on the web much lately. Oh, you are up to such goodness! Lovely photos and lovely spaces. (Your creative space is amazing in that older post!!!)

    Love that mobile. So pretty. I'm sure your friend will just adore it!

    I'm hoping you're feeling better. So sorry to hear that things have been difficult, but I can totally relate.

  5. think that mobile is just so so sweet......we are about to welcome another little foster girl into our home.....alas she is a tomboy, not a girly girl BUT I can only hope!!!! Love & hugs always, TK xx ps - thats fab that you have found an online community hub that 'gets' you!!!. xx

  6. oh such pretty bits and bobs youve been creating.I adore the mobile too:)



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