Monday, November 21, 2011

went camping

The week away at Wilson's Promontory was just fab.  Once we left in the morning - bags packed - the sun was shining and peace had arrived.  I think our preparedness for positive attitudes to accompany us was the key ingredient in setting up camp.  Tidal River and the whole national park is one of the most magical spots.

Our children were amazing.  It always feels great when you are out of the home, and your kidlets are so well behaved, polite and caring.  It was truly a blessing, each and every day they helped out with dishes, spoke kindly and enjoyed the outdoors.  We camped with some good friends - friends who have had a personal crisis of late. Our children were so observant of the differences in our families - they were perhaps humbled.

Master J and his life-long friend Master E were even excited as the two youngest to do some washing up!

If not riding their bikes, skim boarding, swimming or hiking, they would pop themselves down with a book.  The feeling of being blessed can't describe how nice it felt to see my children content and happy to sit down and read.

Master J learned how to ride his bike without training wheels... then there was no stopping him.  Wilson's Prom is the same place Master S conquered this skill about 5 years ago!

I had lots of time to read a trashy novel.  My embroidery kept my crafting on the run.  My once upon a time sewing box that initially had my sewing and craft stash completely contained has now become my travelling craft box.

I'm not sure if this will become some loom art, or maybe I will sew it onto a cushion.  

It's great to be home - and I'm glad I still have nature around me - feeling blessed.

Much Love Rach xx


  1. What a wonderful time for your family. It looks like a very beautiful place to spend a relaxing time. I hope it was healing for your friends as well.

  2. sounds refreshing for the mind & soul, glad you had such a blessed time, hugs to you, TK xx

  3. Lovely. I've never been to Wilson's Prom!

  4. The prom is so beautiful, we camped there this year too. Great spot to learn how to ride a bike!



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