Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have found instagram

I don't have an iPhone, but we do have an iPad, so I thought I would see what all this fuss is about.  It really is a great, quick way to take some artful shots.  Especially now my camera is even more broken and I can only download onto the iPad, not the computer.  So here are a couple of instagram experiments I took this afternoon.

So much 'i' talk.  I'm feeling too technical.  What I really wanted to show you some pictures of was our gardening of late.  The children have enjoyed harvesting our first potatoes and some leeks that did not do too well.  I cannot find the pics to show you.

Today, with five children in toe.  Master S had his best made Master T.  Miss G had here kindred spirit (the Diana lookalike) Miss P.  Master J was a bit sick and loved admiring the big boys today.  We headed to Bunnings.  My Eden seeds have taken far too long to sprout - I bought lots of established herbs, one established eggplant and lots of seedlings.

My lovely friend had pots galore for me to rescue.  The plan is to make a kitchen garden in pots out the back in my big concrete patch.  The soil is marvelous up in these new hills of ours, so rich and lush.  But we also have wombats.  As lovely as they are - they are eating straight from my vegie garden and I am not getting anything grown other than root vegetables!

Anne Shirley and Diana frolicked in the garden making some sort of catapult and war zone.  Very cute and something I hope to see more of.

The gorgeous friend who gave all the pots also visited yesterday baring gifts.  My new coffee pot needs to find the perfect home - I could look at it for hours - I love it!  Funny how blessed I feel to have people around me who just know me.  That know I would love a coffee pot like this one.

And don't you love Master S' lino cute printing he did at school.  I think my ten year old man has a wonderful creative talent.  This is going straight to the trophy room - or should I say children's art gallery in our living room!

Playing around with settings.  What did today hold for you?  I will tell about our date maybe tomorrow - we are going out again on Friday night with some besties... twice in one week - I'm beginning to feel like a normal person!

Much Love Rach xx

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  1. I adore instagram ! I've just figured how to upload the photos to blogger , ( I'm a little slow ) Happy Christmas Rachael xx



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