Wednesday, December 7, 2011

La Rosa

You know when you meet a person that is just so nice.  My bestie has a little new job at a recently opened cafe in the quaint country town of Loch.  The lady she is working for has renovated an old shopfront and home to create a quality food store and adjoining garden gift store.  The garden gift store has taken a bit of  twist to being a Vintage gift store with some plants.

 So the exciting news is that this lovely shop owner requested to have some of my willow woven bird cages.  Then a few weeks later she was asking for my clothing ranges and whatever else I could stock her store with.  WOW!  What a blessing.  There is more to this story - her kindness just abounds with giving my children an ice-cream, raiding my car after market day and dressing the front window with The Simple Life Dresses.

So if you are visiting Loch in South Gippsland - pop in and say hello to Julia at La Rosa.

How special.  I really need to get cracking and making.  Mr DCT has begun working on the house after a few months of nothing.  I ponder if I should be out gardening, but for now I think I will keep building my stocks up!

So that was the good news I was going to tell you a few days ago - life has been busy - so blogging always takes a back step!

I'm enjoying  a couple of new blogs I have stumbled on.  This one and this one!

Much Love to you
Rach xo


  1. Very exciting indeed will be busy.x

  2. I am a Melbourne gal who relocated 11 years ago to be with my love who resided in Brissy. I lived not far from Loch and your post makes me sigh. There are days I miss Melbourne.

  3. Wow Kimmie! I grew up in Korumburra - not far from Loch either - it is so pretty up there! x

  4. Your lovely things look very at home there!



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