Tuesday, December 20, 2011

now for the pretties!

I posted about the reality of what lay beneath the pretty things..... Now I'll show you those pretties.

Have had  a great, but confronting couple of days.  Spent some time with one of my besties on Sunday, 
Miss H.... what a taste for aesthetics she has helping me re-model the stall.  It is looking great.

A confronting conversation with Mr DCT yesterday morning.  It was a blessing to know some things.  I guess I should really blog about the details of this another time.  The good news is.... we are going on a date tonight and I think we will have at least a fortnightly date night.

We lost the Christmas decoration box in the move, the boys loved using lego, Miss G and I used some left over crochet tablecloth edging and tied red bows!

Some dreams were coming last night.  We cooked dinner with 3/4 of our produce from our chooklets and our garden.  I can't wait to do some more planting today!

Much love to you
Rach xo


  1. YAY for date nights! I'm glad you're going to start that... esp with three kids, they take up a lot of time! My friend is expecting #5 and has no family around so they schedule date nights very regularly PLUS have their own night off every second week. She swears by it! It is definitely important to take time for each other.
    Love the whole Christmas tree and decorations... should take pics of ours. xox

  2. I'm glad your markets are going well I've been catching up and you sound very busy the house can definitely wait till after market day. I know all your lovely photos are of your pretty Christmas things which are beautiful (the monkeys are extra special on the tree :)) but I just had to say I am so in love with that wonderful mirror. I have been hunting every where for one just like it . xx

  3. beberouge.... the mirror was an ebay purchase about 6 years ago for $12 - I love it too! xx

  4. your kids look so thrilled with the tree, and I love seeing your fabric stashed on display like that - it's so pretty (and tidy!).

    We need to get back into a date night routine too. Children, busy lives... our relationships need 'work' too.

  5. Your house looks so lovely and festive! Love the advent calendar, such a great idea.

    Glad to stop by your blog and see all that you've been up to. Great photos of you creating in some of the older posts.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday! Hooray for date nights!


  6. oh i love these images.....looks very christmasy at your place, i just love christmas, have a wonderful christmas lisa xx



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