Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'so much to tell you' - and yes, I've been checking out John Marsden

It is that busy time of year.  Tomorrow is my kidlets last day of school.  Two of there teacher's we will say farewell to as they leave the school for new adventures of having a baby and teaching at a new school.  We make these connections with gorgeous people, and then the thing that ties us together can be no longer.  There is a fine line for a teacher I suppose, but Mrs B, if you are reading, I do hope for those cuppa's and cuddles of the bub!

I have finished the Christmas shopping albeit one gift, but I will get that in the morning.  My house is out of control as I prepare for the Christmas market at Kallista.  My first market was so wonderful, I am so excited to be a regular part of the Kallista market community!

Next year is an exciting time, I have enrolled in two units of study to continue my ever-so-slow degree in Early Childhood Education.  I will do markets in the warmer months.  Create in school hours and build my stocks.  Hopefully get a better grip of motherhood with some routine and more clarity.  I thought I would jump right in to being organised and knowing what I was doing as soon as Master J started school, but it has taken this year and the move to gain insight into what I am meant to be doing.  The doors slammed shut on what I thought was my dream job at the dream location.  Then clarity came and I feel okay about it.

So I took lots of great photographic shots of the pretty things, the new tree that has lego, doilies and bows decorating it as we could not find the decoration box.  Photo's of the candles and advent calender.  But I thought I'd show you what lies behind the pretty things at the moment.... mess!!!!  I am feeling a great calm over letting it go, after market day, I will tidy - but as long as the dishes and washing are done - really - groundhog day of cleaning and tidying can take a back-step for a couple of weeks.  Can't it?

Much Love Rach xo


  1. Your photos are great, what a true house should be..... lived in! Mine is totally out of control as I get ready for Christmas, my daughter's birthday and moving my studio into a newly renovated space upstairs. I am overwhelmed but looking forward to holidays with the kiddies. Have a super Christmas.

  2. Rach it is so refreshing to see a lived in home. It looks like a lovely light space to be making in too. Your little mushrooms are adorable.

  3. the cleaning will wait.
    I enjoy seeing your lovely creations.
    your "bunt" now sits in centre place in my string of bunting that I sewed up all by myself.
    I think of you, and how you are doing every time I look at it.
    I've been madly crocheting colourful doilies as Christmas gifts. I love your doilies! It's made me a little doily crazy seeing your cute little ones, and my big, chunky, colourful ones. I used to think they were so old fashioned. But now I love them :-)
    Sonia xx

  4. Your place looks like my place, Rach. So refreshing to know that it's not just me drowning under an avalanche of Christmas.

    When I saw those little toadstool pins my heart gave a little lurch, it really did. They are too precious for words. x

  5. Sonia - I felt the same about doilies and now I can't get enough of them! Except I don't know how to crochet! I am cutting up old tablecloths!

    Maxabella - thankyou xxx Glad you can assimilate with the mess xx



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