Sunday, December 4, 2011

to market, to market to buy a terrarium

Our first ever Squiggly Rainbow market stall at Kallista Market on Saturday.  Pretty good for a last minute pull everything together market stall!  Miss G and the boys were an absolute dream and loved frollicking around the other stalls and trying to eat as much food as possible!  

I don't think we could have done this a year ago - what a testimony to my boys once again and how far they have come.

Miss G wore her new Graduation gift earings - they even matched the market stand!

Terrariums are continuing to be a hit!  These ones had my new little handmade nests with blue robin eggs.
I loved seeing the children's faces as they came to visit - so magical!

Whimsical bunting - a twist on the traditional triangular garlands.

Miss G packed her book and cushions and made herself right at home.  This was literally a dream come true for my darling. (Except I forgot the big woolen blankets for her to snuggle under.)

Dresses were a hit, with requests for ladies sizes.

A surprise visitor and her precious girls from my old hometown over an hour away!  Isn't she just gorgeous - a real little faery with her new crown!

Vintage world map bunting light shade.

A close up of inside my miniature gardens.

The best thing about the market for me was the buzz of people and conversation.  We did well for our first one - as I tried to explain to my kidlets - it wasn't about the money - the delight in people as they check out one's 'stuff' was what blessed me!  The kind words - the great feedback and encouragement.

Tomorrow I will let you in on the news and how a brand new stockist came about!

Hope all is well.  
Much Love Rach x


  1. Oh so beautiful and the whole atmosphere looked whimsical. Glad it was a lovely experience for you all.

  2. What a beautiful looking stall.
    Keep us informed when you do markets.
    I'd definitely love to do a day trip to visit and look at all your beautiful creations.

  3. It all looks SO fabulous, Rach. I can't believe you got that together so quickly. It's wonderful to be there together. x

  4. thanks ladies xxx I had a great day and am excited for the next one on the 17th of December Sonia xx

  5. sounds just simply your kids were awesome!!! TK xx

  6. You did a great job Rachael! Amber can't wait till the 17th to come and see all your stuff!

  7. Oh Rach I love it all. Your stall looks perfect and I adore the little princess crowns, talented lady! Looks like the whole family enjoyed the day.

  8. Congratulations! It all looks so pretty. Love the little terrariums.

  9. Oh Rach I am so thrilled for you. It looks and sounds like all your dreams are coming true. And with such gorgeous style too. I have such a happy feeling in my heart after this post. Thank you. xx

  10. isn't it nice to get a market under your belt and come away feeling good! Glad you had such wonderful helpers and so much fun x

  11. Love the look of your stall Rachael! Your terrariums are fabulous!!! Loving all your crafty makings but in particular the map bunting - genius!!

  12. The stall looks gorgeous Rach - I love the terrariums and that gorgeous fairy crown. So beautiful!

  13. oh my goodness- what beautiful stock. honestly, perfection.

    Can your kids dresses be bought online?

    xo em

  14. Hi Em - I have an etsy store and can pop anything on there for you to purchase if it is not on there! xx

  15. Oh, oh, oh... I'm so inspired! love your blog! wish we could meet in person. I am 34 and have daughters your kids' ages (and two little boys) and my background and interests so similar to yours. did you see the link to the rainbow stacker you asked about? that store has darling stuff!



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