Thursday, December 29, 2011


It has been so nice just relaxing and spending time together.  Very little television, lots of lego, lots of cooking and lots of cuddles.

Miss G has been making pasta and ice cream.  Master S setting up a town on the kitchen table.  Master J following Master S around and being very smoochable.  I love the things they say.  Yesterday as Master J drew and and coloured 5 red hearts and wrote I love you on the back, I said wow - you love me.... his response "You bet ya".  So beautiful and such a blessing to me.

Some tiny craft projects and getting our paper rolls ready for new seed planting.  Loving our potted garden coming along so well.

Today we are feeling a bit better after Clementine is finally resting in peace.  A huge mis-communication and misunderstanding lead me to believe I had to do the deed as the Mr DCT was not going to help.  He was actually fully intending on helping after arousing from night shift. 

So with me thinking it was me who had to take responsibility - I winced as I attempted and thought I was successful at ringing Miss Clementine's neck.  She appeared to stop breathing, was still, eye's rolled back and so on - the rest of the details you can imagine.  If I buried her, the fox's would dig her up.  The rubbish bin was full and the forest across the road was an appealing place to lay her at peace.  I kept checking to make sure she was still 'gone'.  She was there for a few hours, still, not breathing or moving it appeared. 

Then I felt like the worst pet owner in the world - as I left the house to hang the washing on the line, there was Miss Clementine by the front door.  Wounded bum and sitting there blinking at me.  Oh my, oh my.  How awful.  I had to do it again.  The children were so supportive.  Mr DCT was very distressed as he woke up and realised I had not heard him in my early morning slumber that he would take care of it.

So the question on this families lips is, is it something we should do?  Have pets?  The pain is too  much sometimes for some.  We all live and die.  I think these are good lessons and life experiences for the kidlets.

We have many thoughts and conversations going on about what the new year holds for our little family.  A bigger house would give us new opportunities to extend ourselves in the community and in our family.  A shed would allow Mr DCT to follow his dreams.  Do we stay here and extend, do we move and build?  Ceasing opportunity like having chickens and following dreams does cause a bit of pain, but it also brings much joy.  Joy makes me smile. 

I bought a gift for Mr DCT for Christmas to remind the family of this!  What is the new year holding for you?  We are off to some friends for lunch - loving this time of year!

Much Love Rach xoxo


  1. You poor thing!
    I can't imagine having to kill a pet, let alone having to do it twice!!!
    It must have been quite traumatising :-(

  2. oh dear... I'm guessing Clementine was a duck or a chook?? I'm thinking, not a cat! What a horrible job to have to do.




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