Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creating and Thrifting

I am on the constant hunt for woolen jumpers and old light or lamp shades when I am thrifting.  I am amazed how tricky it is to find 100 percent wool, alpaca, mohair or the like.

Here are the latest creations from the last week.  Heading to The Vintage Shed today.  Loving my lamp and light shade make-overs.

I am planning on making matching wands for the girl crowns and knight pullover 'armour' for the boys.

I have been burying my head in creating this last week, amidst Easter, Wedding and being a Mum.  The house renovation have been at a standstill as we wait for tradesmen - the crap everywhere unorganisation has been getting me down.

We are off to the old home-town today to catch  up with my Grandma and some friends.  Enjoy your day everyone. Oh - and just a little note to say thanks for admiring my creations - and I am happy to inspire you - but please be original with your designs.

Love Rach xo

Monday, April 25, 2011

new frock and happy snaps of my beautiful family

We had a family wedding yesterday - what a great day for a wedding on Easter Sunday.  I wore my new frock -  albeit feeling a tad self conscious for it's length.  It was not too short - just shorter than I am used to and I wore heels.  I really have become quite the country girl.

Poor Master S had a panic attack and was over tired from his couple of sleepless nights.  He vomited at the reception and all was dandy again.  Such a build up of anxiety - so many people and noise.  Miss G was the loveliest young lady there - I felt so blessed.  Master J decided he wanted to marry the bride and it was not fair!

Happy Monday and Happy Anzac Day as we remember the fallen

They shall not grow old,
As we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning;
We will remember them.

Love Rach xo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Squiggly Sundays - Part 2

Sorry to have left you all waiting - Sundays have been very busy at our house.  We have a wedding this afternoon, and went to Church this morning.  Here we go - brace yourselves lovelies.

Part 2 - Rachael - Me - Squiggly

My Father had arranged a house for us to move in to.  My Mum hid the softball bats and the police were organised.  I had pre-packed as many of my treasures as possible.  We went to my Dad's for the weekend.  When we returned to Mum - it was at our new home.  There are pockets I can remember - and lot's I can't.  Many of my memories are based on my sensory experiences.  Our new house was clean, no cigarette smoke.  We went shopping and bought new bed linen.  My mum was always there.  We were so much happier.  I was happier.  I was also very fragile.  I started Grade 5 at Rosebud Primary School, I was 10 years old.  Black became my favorite colour.  The first signs of anxiety and depression began to surface.

I was always academically bright.  School was now a struggle and whatever my teachers spoke did not make sense.  Mum would pick us up from school, we would drive home and then she would quickly turn around and drive away.  He was there, waiting for us.  Waiting for her.  We spent hours at the beach or drove around.  Hours later he had gone.  Bouquets of flowers were arriving and Mum would leave them to decorate the house.  Why I would ask?  Was she going to get back together with him.  What was our future.  Mum was always worried and anxious.  She always said sorry.  We still had her love and hugs and cuddles.  I knew she was sorry.

One day I remember sitting on her bed while she brushed her hair.  I loved watching her at her dressing table. I asked her a question.  Quietly I asked.  She answered yes.  He did hurt her.  He hurt her and threatened to hurt me too.  She took it.  I could hear it from my room next door.  I knew it was happening when we were outside.  She now had many injuries, injuries that are physically still present today.  He was a criminal.  He is still a criminal and now in prison for doing the same things to his four oldest daughters.  By God's Grace I was not hurt.  By my mother's protection I was not physically hurt.  I was however emotionally and verbally scarred.

We lived in hiding for about six months.  This was a very stressful, lonely and dark time.  I had not joy.  It was 1988, the centenary of Australia's discovery.  We were given special medallions at school.  What a great memory.  An act of kindness from almost an inanimate person, every Australian school child received one.  This was so special to me.  How sad I think now to know how deprived and sad life was back then to find such importance in this menial gift.

Sometimes we laughed, often we didn't.  On a trip to the laundry mat one day I remember the washing detergent spilling all over the car.  We came to a halt, Mum got out.  She decided to laugh - thank goodness.  Laughing is much better than shouting.  

I was able to spend my pocket money too.  I remember buying new barbies.  Toys that could be safe and clean in my new home.  I seemed to revert to younger childhood play.  I also got a new baby doll and loved playing mothers.  This was safe.  Going to bed was safe, I liked my bedroom.  We were still tense and lots of stress and shouting.  It was very exhausting and depressing.

He still waited for us outside the house.  My mother remembered his threats to kill her and us.  She told us this now.  Life was a dream.  Mum tried to fix it and we went to a counselor.  This was just horrible.  He was scary and smelt of mothballs.  I just wanted to forget.  I wanted to dream.  I wanted to be safe.

We still visited our Father every second weekend.  They had their own problems - but it was still cosy.  My new half-sister was to be born soon.  My Father was always punctual, we went out and had fun.  As as adult I have heard the term 'Disneyland Dad'.  He was not quite like that, but the second signs of the Narcissistic Father that left my mother were reflecting within my Father and Step-Mum's relationship.  My brothers would be the subject of their problems.  My poor innocent brothers.  Boys who had been hurt emotionally too and just wanted to belong.  They wanted to have a hero and feel safe too.  Once again, they were not people pleasers.  Life for me was much easier being a people pleaser, quiet and nice.  I didn't get yelled at as much.

It is the end of 1988 and we move to my Grandparents house in South Gippsland.  They were on holidays in Europe - we stay there for our beginning at our new school in our new 'hometown'.  It was the country - I didn't grow up there.  I didn't belong.  That is how I felt for a long time.  These were farmers kids, they had roots in the soil of the rolling hills.  There families were established towns people.  Once again I felt alone.

Love to you all.  Will keep going on Squiggly Sundays!  Have to go and prissy my self up now for a family wedding this afternoon.  I am so excited - I even bought a new frock!  Don't forget to add your Squiggly Sunday story below - I'd love to read it and we have so many following now - it's great to share.

Much love to you and yours
Rach xo

My linky tools are not working - so I will get back to my original plan of splicing it up with guest posts on a Sunday.  Please let me know if you would like to be a guest writer on Squiggly Sundays!  Thanks x

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hi all, I am in the process of setting up my online shop for Squiggly Rainbow.  I have alot of my stock at The Vintage Shed, and more hot off the press.  Photo's will come up this week to the shop page.  Thanks to you all for your wonderful support.  I am learning how to do a bit of photo editing and used picnik for this.

Love Rach xo

Friday, April 22, 2011

winter vegetables

I am so excited to see how our vegetables turn out in this luscious Hills soil.  Our vegetables grew okay at the old house, however the dirt was sandy and full of clay.  Can one be so excited about good soil?  I am!  Master S is once again sick with Asthma and mid-face hyperplasia congestion, I feel for him.  He is spending the day resting and keeping warm.  Miss G and Master J helped sow the seeds for our winter vegetables.  For the first time my Miss G did not want to get her hands dirty.  We had to dodge the rain too, so didn't get to plant the potatoes.

Check out these great shots one of the children took.  I love letting the children go with the camera - I was never allowed to do such a thing.  It might break.  Oh well, ours has been dropped at least ten times and is still going.  I love seeing them capture life from their eyes.

How is your Australian Good Friday?  It's nice and quiet here and chilly too.

Love Rach xo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Easter in Autumn

Our garden is coming along, many pockets of time spent pruning, burning off and raking leaves.  I feel so blessed to have natural wonders in my yard.  Where we lived before our move to the simple life - was so baron.  We have so many birds that visit our garden, and some beautiful old trees.  Sadly one of my favorite tree's was losing branches.  One even hit Master S on the head!

I caught these pictures of the moss that was growing on it's limbs before we had to remove the tree.  It was so beautiful. The leaves had prematurely fallen off this apple tree.  I am so delighted to embrace Autumn and celebrate Easter in this beautiful season in the Southern Hemisphere this time of year.

A new blog I have been following has inspired me with our Easter nature table.  It has given us an opportunity as a family to pause and write note's of thanks for what we are grateful.  The tangible is so much easier than the mysterious.  For me, for children and especially for those with an ASD.  The children are loving writing messages of thanks and gratefulness.  

The Children have been writing notes to God.  So sweet.  Blessings to you this lead up to Easter.  How do you celebrate Easter?

Love Rach xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

school holiday shinanigans

I must apologise for my lack of blogging - and especially for yesterdays lack of a Squiggly Sunday post.  It was not my intention to leave you all hanging!  Smiles.  It was my Master J's sixth birthday on Saturday.  The sun popped out last Friday and we have been catching up with dear friends and some family.

I popped into The Vintage Shed yesterday - stocks were low - that means I need to go shopping again.  Can you let me know of any wonderful markets or trash and treasures you know of in Victoria?

I am so excited to get creating and am also considering the prospects of adding a children's toy, art and craft supply section to my stall.  I will have to investigate.  Master J's new pencil's are just so great - I would love other's to get the opportunity around Melbourne to discover them!

Here are some happy snaps from over the last few days.

I just love being in our new community - these trees are beautiful and wherever we drive it is just so pretty!  We are still in our pj's and loving the school holidays.  How are yours going?  Are you creating much at the moment?

We did some sketching last week of each other and today we might get into the garden.  My plan is to make way for some chickens!  So excited.

Love Rach xo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hung up

We spent seven hours yesterday in a shopping center.  I haven't done that for at least 15 years.  The children thought it was so exciting for the first couple of hours.  We lost Master J about 10 times.  He did much better than our IKEA experiences.  We had a list.  No hand-me-downs for a long time left us with many summer layers and these hills are pretty cold.  I may see if my dear Grandmother may knit an extra cardi or two for me.

I cannot fathom spending so much - but what do you do if Op-shops have little when one needs them? I am slightly hung-up on the consumerist world at the moment.  The children all felt very special having some new clothes - and I even bought myself a couple of bits.  What is with the anxiousness I felt buying things for myself?  I rediscovered Dangerfield clothes - I really love their quirks.  I would spend days as a teenager while visiting my Dad's hitting the op-shops in Prahran and Dangerfield in the city.

I was asking for suggestions on facebook over the weekend what to get Master J for his upcoming 6th birthday. I didn't want any plastic, no toys if possible, but need to keep in mind he is only 6.  So we came up with some gorgeous new pencil's of his own, these ones - they are smaller in size, slightly thicker and draw without pressing hard.  Perfect for a child with fine-motor challenges.  A wooden shield and sword to go with his Knight costume from Christmas.  Thankfully with his faschia funding I was also able to get this.  I am so excited.  These Grimms Spiel and Holz Design puzzles are just gorgeous.

It is wet wet wet here today, we are hibernating, playing board games, might watch a movie and do a spot of knitting.

What are you up to today?

Love Rach xo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squiggly Sundays

I am quite exhausted at the moment and need to finish my last essay for this first round.

So today I will post-pone Part 2 of my story until next week.  I know many of you have left me wonderful comments about the first part of Squiggly Sundays - thank you so much.  It is actually quite emotionally draining writing from the past and the heart.

But please, follow along with the other journeys here today!  And grab the button from the sidebar too.

Love Rach xo

Squiggly Sunday & The Winner's Are

Master S helped draw your name's out of a hat this morning.  Here are the winner's of my 100th post giveaway.


How exciting!  Can each of you please e-mail me (squigglyrainbow@hotmail.com) with your postal address and the size you would like?  I will do my best to bless you with just the right item!

If you haven't caught up on Squiggly Sundays yet, please check out last weeks blog.  This is something really close to my heart and I would love any of you to be able to share your story here too.  Let me know if you can or would like to.

My boys want to watch Dr Doolittle now on the computer - so I will be back later today with Part 2 of my story.

Love Rach xo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grateful and the Giveaway

Yesterday I was chopping up strawberries for my children for their afternoon tea when they returned from their day at school.  I felt so blessed and grateful that my children can eat fresh fruit.  Albeit strawberries are the prettiest!  I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Master J informed me that they were 'divine'. I must say I do agree.

We try to have friday night movie night at our house.  I was not very organised at all yesterday and we had little options to suit an 11, 9 and almost 6 year old.  Mister Dream Come True said he had a great documentary.  It was great - just not your average movie night!  The kids learnt lots and so did I.  The 'movie' was about the worlds industrial revolution and the factor of introducing and producing goods for sale that will become obsolete.  Goods that will wear out and break so the consumer will continue to consume.  

It brings me back to the strawberries.  Such a delight for our senses - one many of us take for granted.  I am so grateful for them and the many other natural encounters our family has.

The end of the documentary showed the dumping of e-waste in Ghana.  I did feel quite ignorant to say that I had never heard of international dumping of waste.  I was sick to my stomach - what was once a lush river where these communities could go fishing is now polluted beyond our wildest dreams.

So I am ever so thankful and grateful we are blessed with joys whenever we want like eating a strawberry!

Tomorrow is Squiggly Sunday - check out last weeks to see what it's all about.  Please let me know if you would like to take part.

I will draw the winner's of the giveaway later today (check this out if you would like to win a Squiggly surprise)!

Love Rach xo

check out more grateful Saturday stories over at Maxabella's and things we love at  Paisley Jade's

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space

On the weekend the children and I pulled out our water-colours.  It was such a calming time together.  I have not painted for quite some months.  I decided to try my hand at a bit of water-colour illustration in making some cards for Easter.  What do you think?  I really enjoyed it.

Last year at Master J's Steiner kindergarten we browsed through a lovely book by Colleen Leenman.  It was discussing Easter in the Southern Hemisphere and activities to do with children.  All the Easter  gifts in Australian stores are full of Spring and propagandist goods.  There really is not much meaning encouraged these days, albeit even the true meaning of the celebration.

I wanted to incorporate an Australian Autumn theme in my Easter cards.  I hope you like them!  I will pop some up on facebook too, my store is coming soon.  So stay tuned!

Love Rach xo

PS. Check out all the other week's creation at Kootoyoo

& don't forget to get your comment in by tomorrow for my 100th post giveaway!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100th post giveaway

Tomorrow (or when I write it) will be the 100th blog entry I have written.  The journey of writing - albeit blog-world writing has allowed me to rediscover so much about myself.  YOU have been part of that journey.  To thank you (unfortunately not all of you) - I am going to give away four items from my Squiggly range of children's wear - check some of them out here and here.

What I would like you to do is spread the word.... Two followers of Squiggly Rainbow will be in the running, and so will two new readers/followers.  So I ask you to spread the word - it's all for a good cause of receiving a little gift of thanks in the mail!

So the second thing I need you to do for me is to take a walk outside and be still for mmm.... about 15 minutes.  Find a spot under a tree.  And just be still.  Enjoy it.  Let me know about it and reply in my comments area to go in the draw for a Squiggly Surprise!

Here is some of the children's artwork.  I am so proud of them.

Master S has disgraphia, this is when his fine-motor control and neuro-logical processes muddle and hinder his ability to write.  Disgraphia is a common characteristic within the Autism Spectrum.   This was his first home-experience in years with water colours.  I love to get out the craft and for so long he has avoided it.  Now look what he has come up with.  This is going to get framed professionally I think. 

A Series of Four Seasons - by Master S

Miss G was playing with colour.

I can't wait to read your giveaway comments about your peaceful time outside!

Love Rach xo


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