Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 days left

There are five days left of my children's summer holidays from school.  Only five days.  We have visited our closest friends and stayed at their houses, stayed with family and visited them on day-trips.

We have had our darling faux cousin/sister/niece staying for five days.  A trip to the movies, an introductory session to Irish dancing.  More cooking.  

Billy cart time trials, some op-shopping and markets.  Playing army men under the birches at a besties house.

Some trips to friends and local swimming pools.  We have eaten lots of ice-cream.

Cooking; muesli bars, ice-cream, flour-less orange cake, flour-less hazelnut chocolate cake, pizza's from scratch to name a few care of Miss G and co.

The birches, I love them, they are being woven into the giant bee hive too!

The house has been re-arranged twice in that time.  Lego built and packed away.  New delights cooked and grown.  Books read.  Screen time (ipad, tv and computer). Time spent with our chickens introducing new girls to the flock.

Why does it feel like we have not done much.  Do you compare yourselves to other families?  We have not spent lots of money taking the kids out.  My boys often choose to use screens rather than socialise with me or anyone.  Sometimes it is hard to break away from that - looking back through the photo's I guess we have done pretty well.  As I type though, Master J has just finished a tantrum over the ipad restrictions.  I miss connecting with my boys - a meaningful connection with good eye-contact.  I savour it when it happens.

I often feel saddened with the lack of connection at times.  My 'niece' while she has been staying has joined in on time with the chickens.  Yesterday she set up on some bed linen under the fruit trees with paints and spent a few hours with Master S enjoying the outdoors.  It was music to my heart.

Miss G connects all day, what blessing she is.  So are the boys, but it's different.  Maybe it's a girl thing, not just an Asperger's thing.

I had to ponder why it meant so much to me.  Maybe she reminded me of me.  Maybe I wished my kidlets would sit and do something so peaceful for a few hours.  She is a bit older - maybe this will come with age.  I do hope so.

Do you jam pack your holidays with taking your children to exciting places - or do you keep it simple?

Rach xx


  1. we tend to keep it simple although this holiday i took my big girl for some much needed one on one time together.

  2. Perhaps this comes with age, but I don't compare our family to others for what we do. Apart from a week away camping we've managed a small diet of screen-time and just spent time at home. It has been what we needed: slow, quiet, no pressure. It probably sounds really boring to almost everyone else but it has suited us, and that is more important.

  3. Definitely simple...enjoy your last 5 days together under those beautiful trees. x



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