Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was going to be yellow

My pictures were all taken, the exciting news is ready to be talked about... (no, not the house - hopefully there will be news on that soon).  My camera and the ipad won't upload to this computer - so the yellow post will have to wait for tommorrow.  The funny thing was as I read my regular blogs this morning.... Kate had also posted about yellow yesterday!  My post is saved, and you can read it tomorrow!

I love books, we have been doing lots of book reading over this Christmas break.  The children received some new ones for Christmas and they are delightful.  I bought Mr DCT four magazines on Green living and Sustainable building - and again Kate starred in some of the pages!  So many wonderful articles.

Our kitchen garden is taking great shape in our pots (protection from the wombats).  In one of the articles, the author talked about his childhood where his mother gave him a list and a basket to collect the vegies for dinner that evening.

Miss G has been delighted to begin this tradition.  Such sweet simple things - nothing beats this type of blessing to our family - simple things.

This is one of the books we are reading - it's a great accompaniment to our Stephanie Alexander childrens book.

There are always books I stumble across as I browse book depository - doesn't this one look good?

Much Love Rach xx


  1. I've got my eye on that book too Rach, I have Handmade Home and The Creative Family - both by Amanda Blake Soule and they are so inspiring and wonderful. I'm sure this one is just as good.

    Love the idea of a list and a basket... and I can just see your elegant Miss G busily collecting her bits and pieces.

    We've just been to the library and I've brought home a pile of books on treehouses. I have no building experience (nor does my husband!) but I do have a lot of enthusiasm. I wonder if I'll make it happen or if this is another of my half-baked schemes? Time will tell.

    1. oohhh, Sarah - I can't wait to build a tree-house... this new house I hope we get has some great trees that are suitable!! xx

  2. oooh looking forward to the exciting news...

  3. still haven't got my yellow pics up Sophie! Hope so tomorrow! xx

  4. Hey Rachel,
    just replying to your enquiry about the eskimo jackets.
    I do all sizes up to twelve in boys and girls.
    Ill be doing a sample page soon, I have to summon up the courage to climb high into my top cupboard first!

  5. Hi Rachael, I found your blog after discovering one of your lovely garden creations at Loch as we were passing through yesterday. I just had to bring one home and it is a lovely addition to my kitchen, and have added a few tiny fairies to add to the whimsy. I have spent some time this morning reading your blog and we have much in common- we are also neighbours! I wanted to thank you for the lovely little garden, it really made my day.

    1. Hello Rose & Ivy! Thanks so much xx I grew up near Loch, and now my best friend lives there... it's a lovely little village! Just tried to find your blog... but cannot! Thanks again (:

  6. I did have a blog but took it down a while back as I just didn't have time to post. I will be starting up again soon. Yes, Loch is beautiful, we only quickly dropped in to grab a drink but will hopefully see more of it next time.



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