Sunday, January 8, 2012


I posted this morning about a house.  A very pretty house.  Mr DCT loves building.  We have built twice.  The Lord knows what we are to do next doesn't he?

Building takes time.  Mr DCT will be happier for it I think.  But this house is oh so pretty.

Not however completely practical.... one wood fire for the whole house and an aga stove.  Not sure our family would cope with that. And an apparently significant heritage overlay in it's legal bindings.  A whimsical lass like myself does not really take these things into consideration.  Mr DCT is the logical one.  Let's see what he thinks once he's seen it!

Maybe it's the fairy-tale that gets me.  My dreams of being a mother - a mother who has a garden swing for her children, a mother who's husband has a shed to work in and the kids hang out with Dad.  I dream of having a practical home that is not to big and not too small.  What's with me?

Our old house was lovely, we had very little land space.... we wanted more yard space.  We needed to move to the blessed school.  The school that holistically regards our children of different needs and abilities.

I really don't think I am falling into that I want more, want it all type of person.  Maybe I am?  My hearts desire is to be able to make a good home, cook my family meals, make and grow our garden - and that garden swing.... that would be lovely.

image courtesy of pinterest

Hope I am not sounding ungrateful.  There is much I am grateful for.  I just don't like limbo.

Much Love Rach xx  


  1. No, limbo is a difficult place to be. Making the decision and then waiting for those decisions to become reality can seem to take forever. But it always seems worth it in the end. Hang in there!


  2. Limbo is so hard, Rach. I guess being patient is what it's all about? I suck at that, but I hope you go okay. x

  3. You don't sound ungrateful at all.
    I long for things like a house (not a flat) filled with children and a husband to fix the ordinary house problems. I want a garden to plant veges, with a big shady tree and lawn.
    I think we all have ideals, and even when we achieve them another little ideal pops up.
    It's okay to dream.
    I don't like limbo either!
    I feel like I've been in limbo between old career and starting uni for new career for sooooooooooo long!

  4. Not ungrateful at all. There's a fine balance involved working out what one wants and what one needs. Hang in there on that limbo-ing...

  5. Tree swings always get me too Rach, and I know what you mean about wanting too much/not wanting too much... even though I love our house, I find myself scouring the real estate guide for something with a bigger garden. And a tree big enough to hang a swing from or build a little tree house within its branches. Good luck waiting out your limbo.

  6. I am absolutely loving your new possible house! I thought the photos of your old house looked lovely, but I can totally see how this dream house has gotten under your skin. Wishing you all the best. I hope everything works out for you and your family (and I can't wait to see the posts of all that wonderfulness as you make it your own, too!).



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