Saturday, January 28, 2012

my window

I love my windows.  I have been quite the complacent one these last few months.  Focusing on my desperately-needing-renovation-bathroom and shoe-box laundry.  How pathetic really.  I stood still today and  remembered how I love these windows.

We have been socialising with new families from our new community this week.  We discovered a local, within walking distance extraordinary park with a free public (clean) swimming pool.  We are becoming locals.  We needed to stay grounded this week, staying at home and connecting with people in these hills.  It has paid off.

Complacency.  An interesting feeling really.  Not much matters apart from love and life.  A babe lost it's mother in childbirth here in Melbourne a few days ago.  They need some help.  A milktree of breastmilk donations is being organised by this lady.  Please contact her if you can help.

My youngest babe is sleeping soundly with a fan blowing cool air on him, an early night in preparation for school on Monday morning.  The two big kidlets are reading Deltora Quest together.

I need to not be complacent.  In these last few days I have realised I have some big issues with house pride.  Not good.

My window reminded me of this today.  Or perhaps it was something else that reminded me.

Much Love Rach xx

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  1. What beautiful windows. I know just what you mean too. I've had a similar kind of day. xx



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