Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Mummy xx

Dear Princess Cupcake Sweety Darling Pumpkin Butterfly Strawberry Muffin

This little angel, it seems so long ago, but only yesterday.  About to start school you were in this picture.  Now tomorrow is your first day in Year 7.

I know you are nervous, but just shine dear one.  You are so loved and valued, I will be there to pick you by the court at the end of the day.

I hope you are sleeping tight tonight as I type this.  I don't know if I will get any sleep.

Time has gone quickly - looking at these shots I can hardly believe it.  But you and me, we stay the same. Full of love and blessing, that will never grow away as you and I grow older.

Be confident in the lovely person you are.  Be happy knowing you are important.  Those around you are blessed to call you a friend.  Be wise my sweet, trust yourself and your feelings.  Be true and honest as you are.

You are loved and are special and kind.  Blessing and peace are with you on this journey my sweet.

I thank you for being you.  I thank God for the blessing you are to our family.  I praise Him for leading us to the blessed school for you.

Keep on smiling that smile and shining your light.

Your brothers love you albeit being picking their nose, hit you with a wet crocodile and spit on your leg kind of love.

Remember I tried to pass you off as twins?

Our beautiful girl.  Beautiful.

Years have passed, and they are just getting better.  Blessed are we.

Your peace will shine and have faith in who you are.

There is only one you Miss G.  Only one.

Brave you are.  The challenges you have faced, the changes - the stronger they will make you and lessons you have learned.  It is time for us to be still now.

And dream lots of dreams.  Bake lots of cakes and keep on dreaming.  Dreaming of wonderful delights, sweetness and sunshine and fairies if we want to.

And just being you.

The calling and change, to where we are now.  Your future is blessed and bright.  You are amazing.

Let's keep on eating ice-cream and enjoying the good and happy things.  When things are hard, lets just make more ice-cream!

I'll take another photo in the morning, your first day of Year 7.  You will see your dearest and all will be great.  The other kidlets are nervous too.  Enjoy your slice, I'll have an icy-pole ready at home and maybe a trip to the pool.

Love you Honey xxx  Praying your day will be that one day.  Just one day.  Nothing too big, if it's getting through hour by hour, or minute by minute.  Remember - don't smile too much! (haha)

Love Mummy xx


  1. Oh Rach that just brought so many tears to my eyes, what a wonderful mummy you are. Love to Grace, I still remember holding her as a newborn. Time flies xxxoooo miss xxx

    1. I remember too - so sad to remember and wish I could press pause for a while! xx

  2. Just beautiful, love all these pics. Wishing your BIG girl a wonderful day. You have me feeling all warm and tingly now.



  3. Beautifully said Rach, it will be a wonderful day for her in the end, no matter how nervous she starts out. xx

  4. What a lovely post. They really grow up way too fast don't they? I'm sure she will have a great first day at High school.

  5. Such a gorgeous post :-)
    It just made me smile :-)

  6. Such lovely photos! Yes, empty next syndrome is very real... and transition and change is so hard! I'm def not clucky though! ;)



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