Friday, January 27, 2012


It looks like I may try my hand at some regular special event and VIP corporate functions decorating in an eclectic and earth-loving style.  I think it is nice to know there is more of a sustainable twist in the decorating side of things too.  It did not dawn on me that people in special events may indeed like a bit of Squiggly Rainbow in their presence!

The Beehive Marquee at the Mornington Cup is taking off a buzzzz - and it is so encouraging.  I'm a little bit shy to head to this even personally - maybe one day I would work up the courage!  Hehe! 

Milly cat likes to keep me company while I'm creating!

The ladies receiving beautician attention will be lovingly looking at a divine huge candy jar miniature garden with it's very own handcrafted miniature bee hive by me!

The theme for the marquee I am decorating for is - you guessed it 'the beehive' and raising money for wigs cancer patients wear.  A great cause!  So of course it is the 'beehive'!

Happy Friday to you and yours xx

Rach xx

ps.... no news on the house front 


  1. I just love those bees. They're so cute.
    What a great cause as well.

  2. I would love a bit of squiggly rainbow at my wedding! Mind you i have to get engaged first :-)

  3. You really are good! Those are going to be some impressed ladies!!

    Blessings, Debbie



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