Sunday, January 8, 2012

should we, will we?

I have been away in the land of no internet connection - aka my Mum's house.... It was nice to spend some time with family.  My brother and his family have moved back to the home-town.  Cousins played together and Aunty Rachael got to tuck her possums into bed.  Very precious.  I look forward to more times like that.

Checking the latest real estate listings is something I seem to be doing each day.  Mr DCT and I have been discussing whether this little home is a long-term plan.  Mr DCT always thought of it as a stepping stone.  I whimsically and romantically thought it would be dandy.  Reality is that we have about 20 overhanging huge gum trees, we live opposite a huge forest (not great for bush-fire risks here in Australia).  It is very small.

So yesterday I found this.

A coat of white paint inside and out and it is my dream come true.  It feels too good to be true.  Maybe I shouldn't be even sharing this.  I wanted to share it though.

The children ran through the gardens yesterday.  Miss G agreed it needs white paint and a little kitchen fix up.  A big shed for Mr DCT.  Space, flat ground and still only 13 minutes to the children's blessed school.  Mr DCT will look at it tomorrow - will he find it as lovely as I do?  I suppose it is all about the shed and the angle the sun will shine on the roof for solar power to be connected.

Here's praying!  And it's nice to be back online!

Much Love Rach xo


  1. I will be willing you to get this house. It looks lovely.
    Georgia xx

  2. oh my, that looks just lovely! what an exciting start into the new year! may it be a happy one for you and your loved ones! sending many good thoughts!

  3. oh Rachael, it's perfect.
    good luck sweet friend xo

  4. What a to do for's hoping it is all yours really soon. x

  5. oh that upstairs loft area looks REALLY fun!

  6. it's gorgeous! is it an old chapel? those pointy windows are so lovely...

  7. Ill be praying you get it Rachael.
    I always fall in love with houses too before even thinking about the realities of selling/moving etc,

  8. Rach that house is so AMAZING. Like something out of Country Style. I'm in love. Maybe if you don't take it I will!!

    rachel xo

  9. It's beautiful! Very cottagey and whimsical, just like your Squiggly Rainbow shop - love love love it!



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