Sunday, January 22, 2012


Remember I was going to share about yellow?  The week got away - and so did the context of my saved post...

I do have some very exciting news to share with you though.

Don't you love this great mirror I picked up?  It was originally white.... but oh - yellow is my favorite at the moment!

A teensy tiny scratch rescued with a glorious piece of wall art!

I must tell you about the hundreds of vintage handkerchiefs I picked up last weekend.  I discovered a new market, a  market I had never been to before.  We did not have time to ponder through all of the stalls, as I spent my $50 within 10 minutes at one stall.  A man had his aunts bits and bobs from a lifetime of collecting and not doing away with anything.  Fabric is usually at the top of my browsing eye.  I saw some colour and upon investigation - he said they were boxes full of old hankies.  My kidlets were disgusted that I would even go near them, they had all been pressed into neat rectangles.  So off I went with around 400 Vintage handkerchiefs.  Oh the craft project ideas abound!  I sorted through them as I sat on my front door step - disposing of the severely stained and plain white ones.

Here are some yellow ones!

This week everything was being up-cycled in yellow!

My kidlets were doing time-trials in our $5 billy cart.

Are you ready for the exciting news?

Squiggly Rainbow has been asked to set the scene in an exclusive VIP venue for the Melbourne horse racing carnival at the Mornington Cup.

The designer and milliner of Annette Sanfilippo Millinery Art requested I design the centerpiece and entrance decorations for THE BEEHIVE marquee.  I am busy making ceramic bees and weaving huge bee hives out of willow.  Very fun and exciting!  It amazes me how blessings when one least expects them; coming out of the ..... well I know where they came from.  The blessing happened at just the right time, when I felt like packing all my materials away and calling it a day until the kids are older or I have more space for a studio.

Here is my first bee for one of the giant size bee hive decorations!

My dear Master S surprised me with shapes of hearts and flowers from the garden.  This one was from his flower garden, the first yellow rose of the summer.  Precious. 

I up-cycled two gorgeous antique chairs, they were extremely tired with stuffing and springs coming out of the original upholstery.  I am so happy with this patch-worked re-upholstery and the yellow timber!

The kidlets are gearing up to get back to school.  Master J has really missed his routine and friends and teacher.  Most probably he has been the most difficult this summer break.  It makes my heart break that we are not connecting - I think all his sensory defenses are on red alert and he cannot make sense of no routine.

On that note - we watched a really interesting short documentary on facebook.  It helped us understand our boys much better, albeit they both are extremely verbal - but have many extraordinary sensory issues and quirky behaviour.  This explained alot.

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Glad to see you went with the patchwork cushion covering. X

    1. I am so happy with it! xx Thanks Honey xx

  2. firstly congrats on the future market, yay, very exciting Rach!
    that! lovely, such a gorgeous transformation.
    as for routine, my kids have gone a little crazy this last week without routine, baffled at their behaviour, but glad other people are in the same boat.
    happy week to you sweet Rach ♥

    1. It is good to know other peoples little ones are missing routine too! xx

  3. Wow, all this yellow makes me feel so happy - I really do like yellow and am thinking what can I make yellow in my house:) Good luck with your marqee decos. And yes, no routine is hard, I am even finding it difficult - I didn't realize how much my world let alone the children's world really thrive on it. Less than two weeks before we are back at school. Cyndy

    1. Thanks Cyndy xx Maybe that's why everything has been yellow this last week - to cheer up for the lack of routine! hehe

  4. Wow, Rach. Yellow is looking gorgeous at your place. x

  5. Ooooh, look at all that treasure. Yellow is such a smily colour, I especially love your little bees.


  6. It's all so gorgeous and happy Miss Rach!
    I have been dying to see your yellow post for ages now.
    Hugest congrats on the bees and I look forward to watching it all happen.
    Have a wonderful week. x

  7. 400 Hankies...oh my that will keep you busy for a little while.....glad you have some lovely things coming your way. Happy sunshine to you. x

  8. I love yellow!!! So much! it makes me so happy! wow, love those chairs!

  9. Oh, I love all the yellow! Beautiful and congrats to you! That is very exciting and fun.

  10. oh my the patchy covered chair. divine! i admire your crafty pursuits rach as well as well as your ability to keep it real as well. i think kids connect at different times with different people long as they feel loved and accepted and safe i guess.



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