Friday, February 10, 2012


For a new fun adventure.  Here.  The start of something tremendously exciting - a project to celebrate and love and reminisce and enjoy the good old cardigan (also known by some as the button up sweater or a gilet).

More will be coming in days and weeks to come.  I am grateful for this little buzz of excitement.  Really - sometimes we just have to make our own excitement.  Creating a celebration of cardigans seemed like a dandy idea!  Although it says 'The Yellow Cardigan'.... the phrase just sounded quirky - lets celebrate and enjoy all cardigans!

Come and visit, be grateful for the cardi and join in on posting pics and upcoming cardi swaps!

Much Love Rachxx

PS.. joining in with Maxabella loves grateful's xx


  1. You know I am a hug3e fan of this , Rachael! I just need to remember to visit the FB page whenever I need a virtual hug. x

  2. A sunshiney warm glow would be guaranteed when wearing this gorgeous cardi - for sure!

    Happy weekend,
    Felicity x

    1. I am thinking I need to add more yellow to my wardrobe - especially with the cooler months coming - it is so cheery!

  3. Hi Rach! I lost track of your blog but I found you on ravelry and decided to drop in and say hello! hope you're enjoying your warm days down under... woke up to snow this morning but it's melted which makes me happy :-)

    1. Hello Maria - snow - how lovely! I remember when I lived in Canada it was such a treat to open my curtains to see if it had snowed! Hope you are great Lovely xx

  4. Oh Rach I LOVE a good cardi....I'm sure this yellow number would make you SMILE out loud just contemplating wearing it....!!

    If you do ever come down to Camberwell Market make sure you drop in for a chat....!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. Oh, I love the idea of a cardigan. Of course, it's a tad warm for a cardie, but hoping soon I can rug up in something as adorable as this yellow one!


  6. Lovely, lovely! Cardigans are the best. :) And what a fun idea.

    Wishing you the best with the house. I'm so excited for you!



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