Thursday, February 9, 2012

nice chaos, mess and no disasters

I have come to thinking about quite the revelation tonight.  I am not living in a 9 square house, I am living in my studio that I temporarily share with my homeless family.  Ha!  I think this will help me get through.

The house is not yet ours.  I am not sure if it will be.  Still not sure if we will build or buy.  Mr DCT is in the midst of a serious workplace back injury.  It has really miffed things.

So until we are no longer homeless - we will continue to reside in my artists studio.

There are branches of willow on the floor in the what-some-may-call living room.  A re-fashioned dollshouse and boxes of apothecary jars filling the entrance room. A sofa full of clean washing to fold.  The kitchen has the remnants of school notices and my first time jewellery designing together with dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher and I haven't hand-washed (my excuse is we did have our first night of Irish dancing and super piano lessons from Mr DCT).  Our dining table is full of apothecary jar lids that have been washed and are awaiting to adorn the soon to be made terrariums.  There are piles of fabric on the dining room floor, miniature bees for The Beehive Marquee and a box full of fresh business cards.

The kidlets are doing well.  High school and Miss G are a perfect match.  Master S and his amazing teacher is heaven sent (albeit his trouble adjusting to the new year).  And I wonder if Master J's tummy pains are not anxiety from a little Miss stating she wanted to kick him in the nuts and kill him.  Oh dear.

On a brighter note to being kicked in the nuts - I have whimsically started a new project.  Not sure where it is leading to completely.... but it is a bit of fun and I have some ideas up my cardi sleeve!  Join in on The Yellow Cardigan Project.  For lovers of my most perfect piece of attire - stay tuned!

Here are some snippets of the latest creations... More creations here too.  My apologies for lack of photographic quality - I am relying on instagram until we buy a new camera....

Up-cycled  and re-purposed vintage chair Squiggly Rainbow style.

My new ipad covers/cases, also suitable as a Kindle case

My first ever attempt at real jewellery making.... a fine clay sculpted rose upon a doily embossed background.  My Grandmas taught me how to make roses out of icing when I was a child, something I will never forget. 

Much Love Rach xo


  1. The chair is great. I have 3 chairs that are waiting for me to come up with a light bulb moment. And those cases are brilliant!

  2. The chair looks great and the iPad covers are WOW, love them. Good luck with the shoe box living :)

  3. I love your chair! Hope your house plans come about soon!



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