Thursday, February 2, 2012

to be, or not to be, that is the question.

Faith lets me think it is.  I pray so.  Tomorrow we will put an offer in on a house.

Yesterday I was feeling quite lost, lonely and not too good.  For no particular reason, it just was.  Maybe I should have read this post then.  But I didn't.

Hubby sent me a message that was out of the ordinary - almost romantic really.  A note emailed "watching stars without you - my soul cries"....  for those of you who know us personally - Mr DCT is not really a traditional romantic type.  This is a verse from a movie soundtrack we watched years ago.... and while he was at work all week into the early hours of the morning - I felt that way!  Blessed I felt!  I am really inspired to learn to play the piano as I type this listening to the song.

Today I had to drive to a nearby suburb to pick up 9 huge and amazing candy jars for my terrarium miniature gardens.

I departed once dropping the kidlets off at school, with two special friends joining me for the road trip!  There was great op-shopping to be done, hard rubbish and lunch.  My, we were exhausted by the 2:30pm.  My camera has died, hence lack of photo's.

Upon returning to school to pick up the kidlets; Master J had a huge fall on 'the court' with the regulars.  We headed to emergency to x-ray for a broken elbow.  Thankfully - all is well and there are no broken bones (4 hours later).

Much Love Rach xo


  1. oh my, that house in the pic is beautiful!

    lvoe the terrarium. Gorgeous idea.

    Happy weekend.xx

  2. Oh how exciting about the house! if it's meant to be it'll all work out! Goodluck. xo

  3. I hope all goes well with the house Rachel!

    ps. yes to the cardigan page, x



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