Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Babes Project Story

I remember when I was first pregnant with Miss G - the excitement I felt carrying my first child.  Master J's prep teacher is embarking on the late stages of her pregnancy with baby number one.  I saw a school Mum this morning with her rounded belly sharing her joy of expecting baby number 4.

Sometimes I feel a bit clucky.  I don't know if it is wanting to have that time again.  The time that can be so hard, but such a miracle.

But not all people feel that way.  I have been challenged in some recent newsworthy stories of happennings to children of this world.  Abuse, abandonment, neglect and suffering.  Perhaps I will share my story on the recommendation to 'abort' Master J if he too had special needs.... perhaps another time.  Master S being who he is far out ways any selfishness in my book to 'abort' because of special needs.  Look at that smile - and he picked me a yellow rose!

Then some snapshots of ways to make a difference have appeared for me to see.  Most great programs start locally  - and this is just what this organisation is doing.  The Babes Project is running about half an hour away from my house.  They are making a difference.  Please take the time to watch this and share it too...

Another that has appeared before my eyes is Project Hopeful Australia.  Please consider writing to your local MP about our tough adoption laws.

Spread the word... do you know anyone who would like to make a difference?

Much Love Rach xx


  1. The Babes Project link was so incredibly articulate. I think she has hit the nail on the head with articulating her own experience and also prioritising the valuing of human beings over judgment or fear. Awesome project.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful video Rachael. Love it, very very moving.



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