Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Kony post - yes it is....

Have you met Mrs Clark?  I love her blog - another mamma with a voice.  She posted about Joseph Kony.  Something I have been umming and aahhhing about doing.  I decided to link you to her post.  There is so much reading out there at the moment.  So many skeptics.  So many questions about the motif behind the campaign.

The bottom line to me is that people are becoming aware.  Yes through propaganda.  Yes through something that so many 'well-educated' westerners are objecting to - questioning.  

Remember this started with one man's wish to make a difference.

My children sat with me and watched the most recent 30 minute documentary.  Stats may not be 100% reliable, apparently no external audit has been done on the funds raised.  However people are responding in concern and unity - people are praying - all this can be used for good.  Education and knowledge is empowering.

We need to be educated and investigate any cause ourselves.  There is so much interesting reading - and this has prompted millions to do just that.

What is next?  Where will this lead?  Is it setting a precedent to the world that the people really can have a voice?  I wonder if we can do this is Australia regarding our adoption laws?

Much Love Rach xx

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  1. You are very right! The most important thing is that it spreads awareness. I'll be the first to question the money issue... but as long as people are listening up and asking themselves 'who exactly is this kony guy?' and are spreading the word and getting informed, it has done a big work!




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