Saturday, March 31, 2012

a new camera

The Mr DCT bought a new camera.... this is the second great gift.... I keep forgetting to mention my kenwood!  We have been eating lots of home-made pasta, pizza and bread thanks to the wonderful dough hook!

It's been fun snapping away again - I missed being camera happy!  I was so proud of Master S getting into hands on making and playing again - maybe it was the bulk order of woodland creatures that arrived for my terrariums!  It made me think how we gather toys for our children; one of each animal in our toy animal collection.... but really - what animal is by itself in the wild?  This play that took place made so much sense... animals live in groups don't they?

My beautiful girl... playing with light and zoom and settings.

My little man loves to strike a pose too!

Much Love Rach xx

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