Saturday, March 3, 2012

packed up

We are not moving yet, still looking, missed out on the other house.  

I could not handle my clutter and creativity mess any more, so have packed it all up.  I will begin University study again this week - so need a fresh space for a clear studying mind.

I will continue to make Terrariums and Willow Wares to supply my stockists.  As much as I love designing and sewing garments, in these parts - people seem to like Target or Kmart.  A bit sad - but a fact.  So for now I will concentrate on being 'smart'.  Smarter than my whimsical notions of creating and creating for my own satisfaction.  I will find some equilibrium with terrariums and willow and study.

The Mr DCT is still receiving treatment for his back injury.  Who know's when he will be back in full action.  So I had best get my smarts about me and be a grown up and finish my study.  I really have been missing Kindergarten.  

Here is the product of my furniture moving yesterday  -  a nice tidy space!

I can look out my window while listening to online lectures and watch the trees.  I can always fit a bit of whimsy in somewhere!

Much Love Rach xx

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