Monday, March 5, 2012

do schools kill creativity?

I packed all of my fabrics away and cleared the space to study. Studying to be a kindergarten teacher is not neuroscience, however - my brain needs a sensory calming environment to concentrate.

There is a tiny table for my miniatures and terrariums - and my other creative supplies are all still readily available if I need them, just not sprawled throughout my house (aka studio).  I have taken up some knitting to satisfy the creative urge.

Squiggly Rainbow terrarium with miniature gumboots (wellingtons) and toadstools 

Today I watched this as an introduction to one of my subjects. It really makes one think. It made me feel blessed that after many years of not knowing who I was - my creativity was encouraged by those around me. Growing up - it had been squished by some very influential people in my life. One of them my father. Those people are not in my life these days - and I am continuing to grow and realise how intelligent I am. In many areas other than literacy and numeracy. Have you realised your hearts desires and intelligence's later in life like me?  Sir Ken Robinson is a great speaker and summarises what is not often said in our education communities.



Rach xx


  1. Love the new banner!!!
    I wish I had a heart with wishes...

  2. I am a creative person too, I think the trick is to bring creativity into your work. I have always made, sewed, designed, knitted etc with the children I work with. Being creative also can meant finding original and creative ways to do things, which can be done anywhere, any time... Bless your kinde kids with all your skills!

  3. Sending you hugs! You sound a little down and I hope I'm just reading things into your most recent posts. I'm sorry to hear about the house, but I'm sure something else wonderful will come along.

    Love the new banner and your sweet terrarium.

    Best of luck with your new semester/term/quarter!!



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