Saturday, April 7, 2012


Have you ever experienced words being spoken to you and you wonder if you are perhaps entertaining angels?  Or maybe, just maybe, He sends someone to speak to you?  I think that has been happening lately.  Maybe I am just not used to kind words and encouragement... or maybe it is Him?

Market was great.  It's not all about dollars to me.  It's about people.  It's about creating.  It's about community and talking.  Chatting.  I have had a two grey-haired probably over 70's people chat away, and then edge away and say "but I'm not buying anything from you".  I told the lady today I didn't care - I preferred to chat with her.  Did that sound rude?  I didn't mean to be.  It was just nice to chat.

Master S and Miss G were up early with me.... Master S retired by 10am disheartened that his new mate the wood-turner didn't have timber long enough to create what Master S was ready to buy.  Blessed that he could go home with Mr DCT.

I'm tired but excited.  I got a second wind after brain storming ideas for my next market...  Then I made home-made pasta with fresh bolognese sauce with the mince Mr DCT minced.  Yum.

Love to you my friend.  And thanks for reading - you have no idea how it blesses me.... Oh - also, I almost forgot amidst the racket of noise here.....  Two 'readers'/'followers' visited me today - gorgeous people I had never met.  I wonder if I appeared anxious to them?  I was a bit.... I get a bit nervous when people get to know me... maybe they'll figure I'm .... I don't know.... a bit quirky?  xx

What have you been up to this Easter Saturday?

Much Love Rach xxx


  1. it was a pleasure meeting you, it was kinda strange meeting you face to face as ive been reading your blog on and off for a little while and have you on facebook. You did seem a bit nervous!
    but i think i was too!
    most people i know are quirky so i dont mind that you are.
    i wanted to say at the market that i have a huge interest in Autism im a early childhood educator and i would love to one day get to know more about it and have experience with children with Autism. i have a little boy where i work whom i believe (so ive been told) has Autism he is in my three year old group and ive been trying to work on him talking he has improved greatly since i started in december and now a specialist has given me some activities i can do with him to help.

    im hoping by reading your blog i can learn more about these special Children of God!

  2. :) Hi Clare... I don't really know why I get a bit anxious... I suppose the family pre-disposition to it does not help!

    I'm studying to be an early-childhood teacher... I'm not sure if you knew that! Funny! There is lots to learn about ASD's... there are some great blogs out there. I will see if I can find some good links for you to have a read of. xxx love Rach

  3. I think we need more quirky in the world. wear it with pride!

    {the other} rachel xo

  4. Your stall look beautiful! :-)

  5. rach the stall is GORGEOUS! I love the yellow gate. You should be so proud.

  6. Sending you big hugs today! What a joy to catch up on your blog! Your stall looks gorgeous and I'm glad you had a lovely, inspiring day!! Love the header and your family logo, too!

  7. Your store looked wonderful and I am so pleased that you had such a good day. The chat is worth it all in the end. That's the richness of a market stall. x



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