Saturday, April 28, 2012

grateful for Fatih

What do you have faith in?  I have faith in God and feel so very blessed about our new house.  You see, we moved our whole family across the state to send them to a school.  We sold our beautiful home and left all of our friends and family behind.  I cried myself to sleep for weeks asking God if it was really what he wanted.  Have you ever had a feeling that you just cannot ignore?  It is easier sometimes we think to just ignore it.  Maybe because it involved our children, we knew we had to listen.

If we stayed where we were living, our children were going to go to three different schools.  From our experience the secondary school options for kids on the spectrum were not favorable in the area we lived in.  We even had Christian schools tell us they could not support us.  That was a blow in the face.

Thankfully, we were lead to where we are now.  That blessed school.  What a blessing.  The house we have been living in for the last 15 months has been a challenge.  I think to start with I was romanticizing.  The reality is that a family of five cannot live productively and oraganised in 9 square house - albeit running a Squiggly business! Ha!  Was I crazy!  Yep, I think so!  The honey moon period ended about six month after living here and realising Mr DCT is not a renovator (God bless him).

It has blessed me so much today stocking up on supplies for the Red Hill market, we had a trip to Bunnings for more pebbles and plants.  Each of the children chose their new bedroom paint colours!  Miss G is excited to decorate her own bedroom - and I promise I will try not to interfere.  Master J wanted ORANGE for his walls, I let him know it was my house and I couldn't deal with orange... it is now a contender between yellow and a deep aqua!  Master S will continue with his same green... I love that he loves it.

We also stopped passed a little shop in a suburb we were not familiar with - that was fun in itself exploring the 'burbs!  Waiting for my parcels to arrive was providing a little risky to be ready in time for market!  Anyway - here is a sneak peak of my new tiny Terrariums getting ready for Red Hill!

Letter boxes awaiting their garden.

Time for a ride?

Much Love Rach xx

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  1. Yes I agree it's sometime hard to have faith in God and how he makes things happen for a reason. I had to move a fair distance from where I grew up and where my friends all lived when I got married, I found it really lonely at first even though I love my hubbys company it was hard not having girlfriends around that I could talk to. I made sire we connected to a new church straight away, we did try a few and I ended up meeting some ladies from one we went to that lived near by one even lived across from us which was nice. Now I've made a few lady friends at our church and also through work.
    Good luck with the move I'm glad you have found a more suiable place!

  2. So many changes - wishing you all the best with it. Love what you are doing with the terraniums



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