Friday, April 27, 2012


My essay has just been submitted.  It is all done electronically when doing distance education - the thought of my hard work disappearing into cyber land is a little daunting.  Funny how one can put trust through a cable!

Anyway - I am getting so excited about our move. If you missed my news, we have just bought a bigger house!  So exciting.  I'm dreamily decorating it in my head, and looking on pinterest for some ideas.

I love these lights.  I just have to figure out how to make them, because I am not paying over $100 each!

OH MY!!!!!

I just found a great link on how to make them.... I think Mr DCT or a very good friend from Blowing Kisses and Making Wishes might just be the men!

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Great lights...I think if you watch "The Block" in the next few days one of the teams I think is dong something with glass jars and lights....just thought I saw a sneak peek maybe x

  2. I don't get time to watch television - will see if I can look it up! Thanks Bron! xx

  3. Just catching up on your blog and I'm so excited for you!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!! On the house (studio!!!), on your essay, HOORAY!!!

    Those lights are gorgeous. I saw some lights on Etsy (I think) that were made out of cut off wine bottles. The top photo made me think of them.

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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